Noam Schalit announces run for Labor Party list

Gilad Schalit's father tells Labor leader Shelly Yacimovich that he will apply to join the party in the next elections.

Noam Schalit 311 R (photo credit: REUTERS)
Noam Schalit 311 R
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Noam Schalit on Monday told Labor leader Shelly Yacimovich that he will run for a place on the Labor Party list in the next elections.
Referring to the long battle for his son Gilad's release, Noam said, "after years of public struggle, in which I was privileged to get to to know the moral and beautiful sides of Israeli society, I have decided to join the public service."
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Explaining his motives for the career change, he said, "this is out of desire to serve the public, and to be in a place from which I can influence Israeli society's image. The Labor Party is a social democratic party, and a proponent of peace; therefore, it is my natural home."
Putting his faith in the Labor leader Noam added, "I believe that with Shelly Yacimovich's leadership, the Labor party will be able to make important steps for Israeli society." 
Yacimovich welcomed the announcement: "The struggle of Noam Schalit and his family for Gilad's release began as a private struggle, but evolved into a struggle that encapsulates the core values of Israel society: solidarity, mutual support and Zionism."
"Noam's struggle is a model of a public campaign that was appropriate and restrained, but at the same time determined and effective. In this struggle, the entire Israeli society united around common values," she continued.
Noam will not have to apply to join the Labor Party as he has been a registered member since 1996.
In reference to his membership, Yacimovich said, "Noam has been a Labor Party man for many years, and I'm sure that he will make a great contribution to Labor as an MK."
Defense Minister Ehud Barak welcomed Schalit's decision to run for the Labor Party list, Channel 10 news reported Monday.
"Any force that enters politics is welcomed," the defense minister said after a short pause. "Israeli society is full of creative powers."
Barak was chair of the Labor Party before splitting last year to form his own Independence Party with four other MKs.