Mikimaya: Vegan food so good you'll want to give up meat - review

The restaurant is named for Miki and Maya, the two women who own and run it, and who are partners in business and life.

 Mikimaya (photo credit: Moran Kenan)
(photo credit: Moran Kenan)

If all vegan food were as good as that dished up at Mikimaya, I’d happily give up meat forever. However, it takes a special talent, plus time and know-how to turn vegetables into food this good.

My vegan son discovered Mikimaya, named for the two women who own and run it. He escorted me on my visit, which my usual companion, a committed omnivore, was perfectly happy about.

This small restaurant is situated on moshav Tsur Moshe, about 20 km. north of Netanya, with indoor and outdoor seating. Although vegan, the place has Kashrut certification from the Rabbanut Azorit of Lev Hasharon and biblical quotes adorn the walls.

In Genesis (1:29-31), Adam and Eve are told to eat only plants and the human race was always intended to be vegan.

We opened our meal with egg rolls and rice balls. The egg rolls were very crispy, freshly deep-fried and filled with a brown mixture, which was made from humus beans and red lentils, miraculously transformed into “meat” (NIS 28).

 White rice (Illustrative) (credit: PIXABAY) White rice (Illustrative) (credit: PIXABAY)

As well, the rice balls were deep-fried and the equally meaty filling was made from soya flakes, mushrooms and chestnuts (NIS 32). A sweet dipping sauce was provided for both starters.

For our shared main course, we chose caramelized “chicken” skewers with rice.

The skewers held pieces of “chicken” breast, red pepper, onion and mushroom and were served on a ball of basmati rice garnished with scallions. In all honesty, I can’t say it tasted like chicken, the texture was different, but it tasted very good in its own way (NIS 56).

For the dessert course we tried two of several offerings. The first was a rich chocolate cake doused in chocolate sauce with a fruit syrup and berries (NIS 38) and the second was a ‘cheesecake’ with a creamy middle made from cashew cream, with a gluten-free biscuit granola base (NIS 42). Both desserts were out of this world!

At 5 p.m., Miki and Maya, the owners and chefs of the restaurant, knock off work and go home to their two children.

“Be sure and write that we are partners in life as well as business,” they said as we exchanged our goodbyes.

Mikimaya (kosher, parve)Address: Ha’Arava 16, Tsur-MosheOpen: Mon–Thu 9:00 am.–7:00 pm, Sun 9:00 am.–7:00 pm. Closed Fri and Sat.For more details, call: (09) 740–4140Friday catering available but has to be ordered by Wednesday at 052–855–3232.

The writer was a guest of the restaurant.