This vodka butter recipe will be a hit at your next party

A chef and food blogger revealed how to make this tasty butter that really shouldn't be served for breakfast or used to make an ice cream sandwich.

 Butter (illustrative). (photo credit: PIXABAY)
Butter (illustrative).
(photo credit: PIXABAY)

Do you like butter? How about vodka? So what's your opinion of vodka butter?

Chef and blogger Caroline Gelen fascinated the internet with her viral video showing how she makes vodka butter in a matter of minutes - and the result looks especially tasty.

"You can make this in less than five minutes," Gelen promises in her video, which is only 36 seconds long, "I wouldn't smear this butter on my breakfast toast, but I would serve this as an appetizer on crispy bread with anchovies, sardines or kaviar."

Want a recipe? Well, she took two sticks of butter that were softened outside the fridge, put them into a mixer together with two shots of vodka (about 85 mil), and mixed it together.

How can you use the butter?

Afterward she cut a baguette into small slices and put it into the oven. 

Then, she smeared the butter and vodka mix on the crispy baguette slices, put anchovies on it, and added some lemon zest and black pepper. 

What can we tell you? We didn't taste it but it looks really, really good.

Conserved fish isn't everyone's cup of tea, so the website tasteofhome tried some other salty toppings and found that sliced pickles, capers, or olives also work really well with the vodka butter.

Another option is to use this butter as a base for making pasta in a vodka sauce, instead of the usual regular butter.