The latest in fitness equipment

New advances in fitness equipment and gear are making it even easier to exercise.

KINESIS PERSONAL (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Like most things these days, keeping fit and healthy involves cuttingedge technological advances that incorporate hi-tech features. Elad Shaked, deputy sales manager of Energym, a company that specializes in importing and marketing sports equipment, says, “Exercising is a very serious matter because it deals with the health of the body. Consequently, the equipment used must be designed to work the body and the muscles without causing any damage.”
Modern fitness equipment is a combination of mechanical devices and hi-tech developments that monitor and regulate movement. As some forms of exercise can be rather tedious, many fitness machines have entertainment components such as video screens and audio equipment. Many of the modern fitness machines are very expensive, so people use them in gyms and fitness centers. But there is also equipment whose size and price are suitable for personal use at home. Treadmills are among the most popular pieces of fitness equipment. Running is considered one of the most efficient ways to burn calories. Running in the countryside is an enjoyable way to do the deed; but for urban dwellers, running or jogging on crowded streets is not so pleasant. That’s where the treadmill comes in. There are simple models that can cost NIS 2,000. Treadmills operate on the principle of a conveyor belt. In a simple model suitable for the home, one can regulate the speed. In more sophisticated models, one can regulate speed and uphill inclination levels. They also have video screens, audio equipment and Internet features. Such models can cost as much as NIS 50,000.
One of the more sophisticated treadmills is the Runfit 87, which is marketed by Energym. It is a virtual running machine that is equipped with a powerful electric motor that can be kept going for long periods of time. It can reach speeds of 22KMH and can simulate running uphill. It is strong and sturdy and suitable for users that weigh up to 180 kilograms. This model comes with an LED video screen that displays rate of speed, distance, pulse, calories burnt and uphill inclination.
The Vario, manufactured by Technogym, is a kind of super treadmill. With it one can perform a total workout for the lower part of the body. The strong conveyer belt will keep one running for long periods of time. It is also equipped with pedals that stimulate climbing stairs. Anyone who lives in an apartment building with no elevator knows how physically tiring climbing stairs can be. The Vario is large and expensive and, as such, is suitable for large, well-equipped gyms.
The Kinesis Personal is a multipurpose fitness machine. It provides the means for a complete workout, as one can do up to 200 different exercises with it. The machine is based on the Fullgravity principle, which enables unrestricted movement of the body. It includes a revolutionary system of forces, gradually increasing the resistance level in total safety. Small, compact and versatile, it is ideal for the home.
The Eurosport Crossfit 88 is an elliptical machine that simulates a roller ball situation with 16 different resistance levels. One of the most advanced features is its self-generating system, as well as its low-maintenance and space-saving design. Additionally, its advanced dual heart rate sensors allow you to monitor your heart rate during your workout without changing the position of the handle.
The Jungle Gym XT is a suspension body weight trainer. Built for punishing physical use, it is different from traditional suspension bodyweight trainers on the market because it features a split design that allows users to quickly and easily adjust the forces on the body by changing the width of the system.
The Crossover is a very efficient piece of equipment. It offers a new training experience thanks to a movement that involves muscles that aren’t usually engaged by cardiovascular exercise machines. It requires your center of mass to move, rotate and adapt continuously on three planes. It is lateral total body training that simultaneously works the legs and gluteus, in addition to the arms and core stabilizer muscles. It gives the user a workout that moves every part the body. The Jumper consists of large rubber balls that are used for jumping exercises. These exercises improve balance and develop muscles in most parts of the body.
Weight lifting equipment develops the arm muscles. This type of equipment includes weight benches where one can sit or lie on one’s back and raise weights. There are also plate-loaded weights, which have plates that can be added or removed to increase or decrease their amount of weight. They can be used from a standing or prone position.