Should you be on the phone when you are with your baby?

Why you need to sit without a phone when you’re with your baby.

 Mom on phone with baby  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Mom on phone with baby
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

You can’t disconnect your phone and you spend time in front of the screen even when you’re with your kids? A developmental and movement instructor who works with infants from birth explains what happens to you and your baby when you’re on the phone.

What hasn’t been said about our phone addiction? 

We know that we spend way too much time on it and use it for many things besides calls-the original purpose, remember?  We understand that it affects our relationship with those around us, our work output and more. This article is going to touch on the impact of screen time on your baby ... and on you as parents.

Nili Molad Fortis is a developmental and movement instructor for babies from birth who guides and supports postpartum mothers.  She reminds us that the phone screen emits a blue light that makes us alert and floods us with stimuli, so stopping in the middle of your child’s bedtime routine to show a short video isn’t good. In order to put everyone in a quiet mode to induce sleep, Fortis recommends that all screens should be off at least two hours before bedtime.

Regardless of the hour, when you’re with your child and receive messages or feel you must respond to a notification, the quality of the time with your kids is weaker if you try to be with them at the same time you’re answering work emails. It’s sure to fail as you feel that you’re not here or there. This isn’t an effective way to be a productive worker or a caring, loving parent.

The main feeling you’ll have is frustration and being on edge, which may erupt on the child who "interferes" with answering those who are looking for you. When your eyes are glued to the screen your kids feel ignored. They crave true attention and eye contact, which are the basis for learning social skills along with emotional and cognitive development.

(Credit: Ingimage)
(Credit: Ingimage)

But I’m tied to the phone

So what should you do? 

Set exact times. After the kids return from school, put the phone away and be with them. If your child wakes up for a drink in the middle of the night, don’t go on your phone, as you’ll get sucked in and will lose sleep. Pay attention and be aware of your phone time. It’s all right to use it but set strict times-and stick to them.