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The true story of the Netanyahu Pegasus saga - exclusive

How does the police hacking program work? It takes a lot to hack into a cellphone.

Prosecution in Netanyahu trial: No police spying without court orders

The prosecution in Benjamin Netanyahu's trial asked for three more days to add information.

Who is profiting off the NSO Pegasus spyware affair?

The NSO affair has shaken up public opinion and the political system, but there are also big gainers.


Why have state probes become so popular in Bennett's government? - analysis

In a government that has a consensus about seeking punishments for its predecessors and not about what should be accomplished now, state commissions are a useful tool.


Bennett: We will not leave the public without answers on NSO

The government “needs to understand exactly what happened,” Bennett said, but would not specify what kind of inquiry would take place.

Netanyahu trial: Plea deal would need court mediation, Netanyahu to quit

According to reports, Israel Police got a court order for phone access prior to the hacking scandal.

If your phone, car or home alarm relies on 3G, prepare for a shutdown

Companies are shutting down older 3G networks to open up airwaves for 5G networks in upcoming months, as they reach out to customers to replace their devices.

  Mom on phone with baby

Should you be on the phone when you are with your baby?

Why you need to sit without a phone when you’re with your baby.

By Daniel Saransky , in cooperation with JAMA
  Cell phone (illustrative)

Why did an Egyptian man swallow his cell phone?

A man suffering from abdominal pain was rushed to a hospital. This is what was discovered.

By Walla!

Virtual eSIMs to make calling easier for Israeli travelers

Virtual eSIM cards that can be sent online and provide super-flexible global cellular packages will be available in Israel within the coming months under the context of cellular reforms.

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