Stream workouts while the coronavirus has you stuck at home

Stream unlimited workouts from your own home‏

A woman does her morning workout along the beach in Oceanside (photo credit: REUTERS)
A woman does her morning workout along the beach in Oceanside
(photo credit: REUTERS)
 If you swear by your 10,000-steps-a-day app, then the coronavirus has surely thrown a wrench in your routine. There are, nonetheless, plenty of ways to stay in shape and avoid the temptation of streaming Contagion like, seemingly, everyone else. For starters, there are local trainers who consistently offer home workout ideas on their Instagram page. 

Those looking for crossfit inspiration can checkout Omer Zuri (@omerzuri); for Pilates-inspired ideas, scroll through Coral Friedman’s feed (@coral_pilates); for high-intensity interval training, or HITT, Maya Katzi (@mayakatzi) offers a ton of ideas, and Eden Hadar (@edenhadar_yoga) is wonderful for yoga-inspired workouts. 

In light of her no longer being able to teach her perennially sold-out group classes due to safety concerns, personal and group fitness instructor Inna Waissenberg (@inna.waissenberg) has also started a daily training series on her social media platform. In addition to her regular content, she is showcasing a new workout every day on her IGTV, designed specifically for people of all levels to do at home with minimal to no equipment.

Beit Hanna (@beit_hanna) a studio hub for a long list of workout classes including Pilates, HITT and yoga, is also following suit with live classes posted to IGTV. Meanwhile, online athleisure retailer Carbon38 (@carbon38) is working with their ambassadors – who include Israel-based trainers like Coral Friedman – to offer free digital fitness classes every morning on their Instagram Live.

To take things up a notch, sign up for a streaming service. 

For a local option, Boost Fitness in Tel Aviv has made all of their classes virtual. The boutique fitness center, which is closed as mandated by the Health Ministry, is having their instructors teach in their empty studios to students who connect via Zoom from home. The instructors can see and interact with everyone in their classes virtually and in real time.

For more information and pricing options: 054-392-2223.

In addition, the ones below offer free trials without any commitment, making them a perfect solution to stay in shape in these hectic times. You won’t need equipment (though, in some cases, you can level up with dumbbells or ankle weights should you choose). All the options are led by top-tier instructors who regularly sell out classes across the globe while training celebrities, models and influencers. 

Tracy Anderson

Free 14-day trial; $90/month

Tracy Anderson was one of the first trainers to offer online streaming options for her in-studio workouts. Anderson operates a chain of uber-luxury fitness studios. Her clientele includes Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez, so while this is the most expensive option, it’s a tiny fraction of what it costs to be a member of one of her studios. Her workouts are based on toning floor exercises and high-intensity dance cardio. There are beginner and advanced options.

Melissa Wood Health

Free 7-day trial; $9.99/month

For slow, controlled Pilates-inspired workouts, check out Melissa Wood Health. She also has a number of pre- and post-natal options. As a mother of two young children, Wood knows how hard it is to fit workouts into your schedule, so she has plenty of short options. There are also guided meditations and treadmill-based workouts.

The Sculpt Society

Free 14-day trial; $19.99/month

Founded by Megan Roup – known for training Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated models like Devon Windsor and Elsa Hosk – The Sculpt Society workouts combine dance cardio and sculpting routines. Workouts range from five to 50-minutes and are geared toward all levels. 

Obé fitness

Free 7-day trial; $27/month

Obé offers 28-minute as well as 10-minute workout options taught by a large number of instructors. They have everything from HITT-based workouts to workouts that new parents can do using their stroller (and baby!) as a prop. You’ll get unlimited access to daily live, and 4,000+ on-demand classes.

Jane DO 

Free 7-day trial; $9.99/month

Amid coronavirus concerns, Jane DO is offering a special discount code for the first month at 50% off by using code: STAYHEALTHY

The workouts in this app were designed by and for women, and include total body, cardio-focused, strength-focused, body-part-focused options (think core-specific workouts), and more. They range in length from under 15 minutes to an hour. In addition to fitness, the app also offers a nutritional component that introduces their favorite recipes. They also feature long-format videos in which experts in various fields share their expertise on various wellness-related topics.