Suspected spy for Russia arrested in Germany

 Russian Consulate, Bonn, Germany (photo credit: WIKIMEDIA)
Russian Consulate, Bonn, Germany
(photo credit: WIKIMEDIA)

German prosecutors have arrested an official of the military procurement agency whom they suspect of passing secret information to Russian intelligence, the federal prosecutor's office said.

The German national, whom the prosecutor's office identified only as Thomas H., repeatedly approached Russia's consulate in Bonn and embassy in Berlin from May on his own initiative and offered his cooperation, the office said.

Germany, one of the largest providers of military hardware to Ukraine, is a major target of Russian spying operations, which have grown in scale since Russia's 2022 invasion of Ukraine, authorities have warned.

Suspected spy worked for German defense procurement

On one occasion, the man handed over information obtained during the course of his work with the intention that it be passed to a Russian intelligence service, the office said.

He was arrested in Koblenz, the procurement agency's seat in western Germany, and his home and workplace were searched, it added. A judge remanded him in custody on Wednesday.

 Russian Consulate, Bonn, Germany (credit: WIKIMEDIA)
Russian Consulate, Bonn, Germany (credit: WIKIMEDIA)

Almost 12,000 people work for the procurement agency, among them some 1,800 soldiers. In 2021, the agency struck deals for the purchase of Bundeswehr weapons and equipment with a total volume of 17.6 billion euros.

In December, authorities arrested a German Foreign Intelligence Service (BND) employee they suspected of spying for Russia.

A spokesperson for the Berlin defense ministry declined to comment.