Labor mocks Likud primary controversy in new campaign video

Likud's primary went all but smooth, after the counting of votes took almost 24 hours and once completed, accusations of vote manipulation surfaced.

Labor mocks Likud primary controversy in new campaign video, February 17, 2019 (Courtesy)
The Labor Party released a campaign video on its Facebook page on Saturday that juxtaposed voting in its primary with voting in the Likud primary a week earlier. The video was followed by the question, “Whom do you prefer to run the country?”
The video touted the electronic voting which Labor employed in its primary, and the smooth and speedy process of counting the votes. Labor’s results were released within an hour of the polls closing.
After showing a compilation of media snippets praising the party for its successful use of digitized voting, the video then turns to Likud’s primary “disaster.”
Likud’s primary was anything but smooth. Accusations of vote manipulation followed after it took the party almost 24 hours to complete its vote count.
Problems included stark differences in real-time counts versus final results, votes appearing out of nowhere, and some candidates receiving more votes in certain locations than the total amount of voters registered in those places. All these problems raised questions about the legitimacy of the Likud primary results, and provided campaign ammunition to Labor, which it didn’t hesitate to use in the video.
After discrepancies were found, Likud began a recount of votes from its central committee. However, no significant changes were made to the party’s list, even though more than 500 of the 69,000-plus votes were found to contain irregularities.