Netanyahu opponents send him moving truck

Rivlin worried next election will be too soon.

V-15 activists protest outside PM residence.  (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
V-15 activists protest outside PM residence.
(photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
A moving van arrived near Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official Jerusalem residence on Tuesday, just in case he will be vacating it in the March 17 election.
The truck, along with plenty of cardboard boxes, were sent by V15, an organization funded by left-wing American Jews that is working to defeat Netanyahu. V15 activists protested outside the Prime Minister’s Residence hours before State Comptroller Joseph Shapira released a report about exorbitant expenses there.
“He will have to move in a month, so we came to help him,” said V15 protester Hagai Hirschfeld. “Bibi’s lived here too long. We have already packed his corruption, his indecision, and his lies, so all he has to do is stand up and leave.”
Hirschfeld mocked the comptroller’s report by telling the volunteers to be careful when moving the boxes, which he said could be full of expensive items. He told them to chant louder so Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, would hear that she would soon live in their other homes in Jerusalem and Caesarea full time.
Several cars passed by and honked their approval. But there were also passers-by who heckled them.
“The protest won’t help – Netanyahu will live here for another four years,” a senior citizen from Chicago named Bill shouted at them. “You’re making a joke out of an election when we are surrounded by countries that want to kill us.”
The Labor Youth organization also put out a video poking fun at the Netanyahus. In the clip, activists are shown raising money from people on the street to help fund the prime minister’s household expenses.
“Their house is coming apart,” the activists tell the people. “Five million shekels isn’t enough for them to get by. Please help this needy family by contributing to them.”
The Zionist Union unveiled its negative campaign under the slogan “Nine years of nothing. You failed! Go home!” Meanwhile, President Reuven Rivlin expressed concern about chronic political instability in Israel.
“We could end up in a situation that, God forbid, would mean going to elections again in a year or a year and a half,” he said.