A place to call home – great destinations for Anglo aliyah

 (photo credit: HAREI ZAHAV)
(photo credit: HAREI ZAHAV)
In the wake of the Corona pandemic, Israel is preparing for a major increase in Aliyah from around the world. Israel today offers a wide range of communities for English-speaking, religiously observant Jews. Two of the most attractive communities for English-speaking, religiously observant Jews are Efrat, located just 10 minutes from Jerusalem, and Leshem, one of Israel’s fastest-growing communities, located in Samaria. 
Efrat features spacious homes and apartments, and has a large English-speaking community of citizens within an Israeli community. Leshem, just 25 minutes from Tel Aviv, is a young, dynamic, and welcoming settlement, and is considered by many to be the up-and-coming community of Samaria.  

JPost reporter Alan Rosenbaum has the details:
Efrat and Leshem as Anglo Aliyah destinations