This week in Jerusalem: Load a car

A weekly round-up of city affairs.

 THE FIRST 100 car-charging stations have been set up all over the city. (photo credit: Michael Fousert/Unsplash)
THE FIRST 100 car-charging stations have been set up all over the city.
(photo credit: Michael Fousert/Unsplash)

Load a car

Earlier this week, the first 100 charging stations were set up in all the city’s neighborhoods, with 300 more will be installed in the near future. The project is managed for the municipality by Eden, the Jerusalem Economic Development Company, and through Sonol EVI, which won the Energy Ministry’s tender to build the system.

The outlet increase is in response to an expected spike in electric vehicle use and demand for charging stations in residential neighborhoods and employment centers.

Thus far, charging stations have been set up in 17 areas throughout the capital, in open areas used for parking and municipal parking lots – the Safra and Menora parking lots. Over the past few months, about 70 sockets have been activated and about 30 more sockets will soon be connected to the power grid, establishing municipal public infrastructure for charging electric vehicles, in addition to private charging sockets in residents’ homes.

The municipality stated that the installation of these stations and their availability will encourage the use and purchase of electric vehicles among Jerusalem residents – a puzzling goal, since the municipality has also been promoting and developing the use of public transportation. However, the use of electric vehicles will reduce air pollution.

 Ayelet Shaked addressing questions on the Ukrainian refugees in Israel, March 8, 2022 (credit: ELAD ZAGMAN) Ayelet Shaked addressing questions on the Ukrainian refugees in Israel, March 8, 2022 (credit: ELAD ZAGMAN)
Not ready yet

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked’s announcement of her decision in principle to turn Tzur Hadassah into a local council was taken without prior notice to the existing local council and amid a process with the residents’ representative committee. The committee issued a declaration to the ministry pointing out that as long as all the conditions enabling Tzur Hadassah to become an independent and prosperous community are not met, residents and the committee will not lend a hand in this move.

The residents add that the independence of Tzur Hadassah is not just a declaration but an actual act, and they should be provided with resources to equip the area to flourish. This first requires that the new council’s economic base be secured via income sources and government grants.

Color my city

Rare black-and-white photographs from the British Mandate days have been painted with innovative technology and will be presented in a new exhibition by the Jewish National Fund. The exhibition Jerusalem Captures Color will run until July 15, 24 hours a day, at 97 Jaffa Rd., Clal Building plaza, in the open air and will display archival photos of the capital from the 1920s to the 1950s. These photos reveal new details about Jerusalem fashion and illuminate familiar sites and personalities – all at huge magnification. They are lit at night and provide a glimpse of the life in the city in those past days.

Crush a stone

Has the municipality authorized a stone crusher to work in Romema neighborhood, adjacent to residential and educational buildings? Romema Residents are opposed to operation of the machine that was placed at a nearby construction site (old compound of the Broadcasting Authority). According to the municipality, the crusher is not yet active and its use is being examined, but residents are worried that the contractor might secure a permit.

According to residents, the contractor installed a machine for demolishing the ruins of buildings and rocks that will be hewn on the site, contrary to the decision of the city council about five years ago on such cases. The council had determined that a shredder should not be placed at construction sites at a distance of less than 100 m. from residential buildings, while in this case, only about 80 m. separate the machine from the residences and an educational institution.

New guy in

Sallai Meridor, previously Israel’s ambassador to the US, has been appointed chairman of the National Library’s board. Meridor, 66, was appointed director by the National Library Council and the Advisory Committee for the Appointment of Senior Civil Servants. The appointment comes after David Bloomberg, former chairman of the National Library’s board, resigned after an article was published alleging that he had sexually harassed his personal assistant and reached a silence agreement with her, in which he transferred a large sum of money to her.

The almost-scandal took place shortly before moving to the new permanent residence in the Government Quarter – the flagship project promoted by Bloomberg, and shortly after Shai Nitzan, 61, the former state attorney, was elected by the National Library’s board to be the library’s rector A role. The role was invented for him personally, andprovoked a lot of criticism within the library staff.

In the coming year, the new building of the National Library will open, adjacent to the Knesset. The new building is expected to receive many visitors from Israel and the world – students, researchers and researchers, as well as tens of thousands of participants in the many events in a variety of cultural and academic fields that are expected to take place in the library.

More headaches

On Tuesday, heavy road work began at the intersection of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda and Herzl boulevards (Ben Dor intersection). The work is to enable the intersection of the route of the Red line (currently operating) and the Green route (new) of the JNET network. As part of the work that will be carried out in several stages over four months, until August 28, there will be changes in the traffic arrangements in the area and there will be a partial cessation of activity of the Light Rail.

Jerusalem Municipality and the Kfir-Light Rail have recommended to avoid traveling in this area in a private vehicle during the works as much as possible until the end of the work, when the movement of trains and vehicles in this area will return to normal. During this period, highways will be closed to traffic and bus lines will be diverted from their routes.

The purpose of the works is to enable the active red route meeting of the light rail and the future green line, at the intersection of Rabbi Zvi Yehuda and Herzl boulevards and to connect the Ligth Rail branch to the Givat Shaul industrial area. Updates about changes in traffic arrangements and night work, will be sent regularly on the various platforms – leaflets, email distribution, Facebook, WhatsApp, and on the website –

Theatre for Independance

The Wagon Theater will celebrate Israel’s 74th Independence Day with plays, musical performances, art workshops, outdoor performances and a variety of free events on May 5, between 11:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Admission to the events is conditional upon preregistration on the theater website. Among the events scheduled for that special day: The Mets of Peace creation workshop will take place throughout the day, where planes in a variety of shapes and colors will be prepared – planes of peace and love. At the end of each round, the children will fly the planes in a festive peace flight.

The theatrical photography station, Family Hug, a special project that combines: theater, acting and live animation. The plays will be Why Did the Fish Cry, My Biggest Sister of All and Grandpa Aaron’s Rain, Side by Side – Singing and Playing Acute and an original oriental children’s song show for the whole family with the Acute Ensemble. In addition – rotating space figures, jugglers, a music box and more. Visit

Kobi Frij, CEO of the Wagon Theater, invites people from all over the country to enjoy a day of culture suitable for the whole family. The new home of the Wagon Theater is located in the Liberty Bell Garden, adjacent to the skate park.