Enough is enough: Tens of thousands of students launch a campaign to fight the rise in violence

In light of the increase in the number of violent incidents in recent months, classes were halted last week in over 200 educational institutions of the Ort Israel network.

A campaign to fight the rise in violence (photo credit: ORT)
A campaign to fight the rise in violence
(photo credit: ORT)

In light if the rising numbers of  violence in recent times, the Ort Israel network decided to take an unusual step, and in fact stop the regular studies in over 200 schools for one day and to dedicate this to talk about violence and the necessary measures that are needed to deal with it.

'Today we announced - this is a fight to eradicate violence'

Tzvika Peleg, ORT CEO

Tens of thousands of students from Kiryat Shmona to the Negev held activities to raise awareness and protest , in the schools and in their communities. The activities were joined by kindergarten children, representatives of the local authorities and local retired citizens who were asked to participate in the local initiatives, by the students themselves.

students of Ort Hayami in Ashdod went on a protest cruise with signs against violence. in Ort Karmei Gat in Kiryat Gat students formed a human chain of hundreds of students around a school together with the nearby elementary school. in Ort Evin in Ramat Gan students of the computer science major held a hackathon to create solutions Safe technologies for reporting incidents of violence.

Police officers, public prosecutors and social workers from the prison service came to participate in the unusual day to give lectures to the students and discuss the serious consequences of violence in the public sphere. 

CEO of the Ort network Zvika Peleg concluded - "Alongside our education for achievement in the various professions and providing students with technological tools for success in the high-tech world, it is important for us to educate on values based on zero tolerance for violence and respect for every person. I am proud of our management team and  students who made the most of the day of stopping regular classes and harnessing the fight we announced to eradicate violence."