Israeli firefighters rescue puppies from flames

The four puppies were trapped under debris in the same room as a fire.

 11 weeks old Puppy.  (photo credit: BBC VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)
11 weeks old Puppy.

Firefighters from the Binyamin region rescued four puppies from a fire near Jerusalem in Givat Ze’ev on Thursday.

The firefighters had initially received a message complaining about heavy smoke, and upon approaching the scene the firefighters found a garbage heap on fire. 

While extinguishing the flames, firefighters heard howling sounds.

The firefighters found the four puppies trapped under a piece of wood that was weighed down with debris in the same location as the fire. The firefighters rescued the puppies while continuing to extinguish the flames. 

Sergeant Meir Yitzhak, one of the officers on the scene, sought medical treatment for the puppies and contacted the Binyamin Regional Council's veterinarian who administered the treatment. 

Puppies Rescued, Credit: Israel Fire and Rescue

"As soon as the extinguishing operations began, we heard howls from the burning debris, where there was a wooden surface that was also partly on fire,” said Commander Maj.-Gen. Ido Naor. “Four puppies were trapped under the debris and the wooden surface. We rescued the puppies while putting out the fire.”

Other animal rescues by emergency response staff 

During an investigation, in May, where the body of a man and woman were discovered police also discovered a dog in dire condition. 

When the police found the dog in a locked room at the crime scene, he was covered in his own blood.

The dog was recovered from the scene and given emergency treatment for multiple stab wounds. The 8-month-old German Sheppard was adopted by one of the officers shortly after.