Shark attacks tourist, rips off her arm near Israel's shores

A shocking shark attack near Israel's Red Sea coast severed a woman's arm, prompting beach closures.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Egypt's Minister of the Environment, Yasmine Fouad, announced the closure last week of a beach in Dahab, the renowned Red Sea city in South Sinai, following a shark attack on a foreign woman.

The ministry, though vague about the incident's precise location and the extent of the victim's injuries, confirmed that she received prompt medical care, and her condition is currently stable.

Social media buzzed with photos and videos of terrified vacationers fleeing the scene. It was also reported by Egyptian press.

  (credit: INGIMAGE)
(credit: INGIMAGE)

Investigations ongoing

The attack occurred at Dahab Lagoon beach, where the victim lost her left arm due to the shark's brutal assault. Minister Fouad acted swiftly, closing the beach under the authority of South Sinai district and directing the city's nature reserve to establish an urgent committee to assess the situation and devise anti-shark measures.

Medical authorities reported that the victim received immediate assistance and is now recovering. The duration of the beach closure remains undetermined as investigations are ongoing.

In mid-August, Dahab's beaches temporarily closed for swimming after a video of a shark near the shoreline went viral. Authorities reopened the beaches once they determined the area was safe.

This incident comes just three months after a shark attack in Hurghada claimed the life of a 24-year-old Russian tourist.