Orcas hunting a great white shark were captured on camera for the first time

According to a 2019 National Geographic article, orcas likely target shark livers because they're "high-fat and delicious."

Megalodon: What were the largest predatory sharks on Earth? - explainer

If you are one to fear large sharks, and if the movies Jaws or The Meg terrified you, then the megalodon, the massive prehistoric selachians, are likely the stuff of nightmares.


Meet the epaulette shark - the only shark species that can walk

Epaulettes have adapted and developed an ability to walk on land which helps them hunt for food in places other sharks cannot reach.

By Walla!

Megalodon sharks were longer than a bus, heavy as 10 elephants - study

A 3D modeling built thanks to scans of a shockingly well-preserved megalodon shark vertebrate column helped show just how massive these giant sea creatures were.


Israeli deep-sea brine pool discoveries could provide an ocean of information

A year after Haifa researchers discover the first deep-sea brine pools opposite Tel Aviv, University of Florida scientists find one in the Gulf of Aqaba

Second woman killed in shark attack in Egypt's Red Sea

The first shark attack victim died earlier in the day 600 meters from where the second victim died.


Endangered sandbar shark rescued from fishing net in Israeli beach

The population of sandbar sharks in the Mediterranean sea went down by a staggering 90% between 2005-2015.

Sydney beaches close after first fatal shark attack in 60 years

A spokesperson for the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries said its shark biologists believe a white shark at least 3 meters (9.8 feet) in length was likely responsible for the attack.


Sandbar sharks travel furthest than ever tracked

Sandbar sharks are known to have traveled to Cyprus and Egypt, but they were recently tracked in Sicily.

Sandbar shark

Baby shark? Deep-water shark nursery found near Tel Aviv

The findings of the sharks and shark nursery, along with deep-sea brine pools and marine habitats, could shed light on the deep sea and the effects of climate change.

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