Ayala Hasson leaves IBA for Channel 10

At Channel 10 she will be hosting what until now has been her rival program, 'Shishi.'

Ayala Hasson (photo credit: OYOYOY/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)
Ayala Hasson
In a surprising move, veteran broadcaster Ayala Hasson has announced that she is leaving the Israel Broadcasting Authority, where she has worked for nearly a quarter of a century and is taking up a senior position at Channel 10.
Hasson, 54, made history last August when she was appointed acting head of the news division of Channel 1, the first woman to reach such a position.
After the appointment, Hasson – who is considered one of the most influential political reporters in Israel – continued anchoring the Friday night weekly news and current affairs program Yoman, as well as the long-running popular radio program Hakol Diburim on Thursdays on Reshet Bet.
Hasson began her career as a television broadcaster covering police and legal affairs. She was later appointed a political reporter and soon after was made a political commentator.
Hasson has covered some of the country’s most important political stories. Frequently broadcasting scoops that have eluded other reporters, Hasson has unveiled corruption – causing several prominent political figures to lose their jobs or fail to receive promised positions.
This year Hasson and other veteran colleagues fought unsuccessfully against the liquidation of the IBA, though it was fairly certain she would continue on to the new public broadcasting entity intended to replace the network.
The possible closure of the IBA at the end of March 2016, without the creation of a new public broadcasting service, may have prompted her decision to leave.
At Channel 10, she will be hosting what has until now been her rival program, Shishi, replacing Alon Ben David and Tali Moreno, who presented the show for the past three years. Following news of the changeover, Tali Ovadia, the editor of the show, stepped down.
Maariv’s Ben Caspit is a frequent commentator on the show. Caspit briefly co-hosted Yoman with Hasson, and they previously cooperated on other programs. But the two are no longer on good terms due to differences of opinion regarding the Harpaz affair. Whether this will affect Caspit’s future appearances on Channel 10 remains to be seen.
No decision has been reached as to who will replace Hasson in her television and radio roles at the network, an IBA spokesperson said.