Users experience many issues as Disney+ launches in Israel

Israeli users of Disney+ are reporting issues with the platform including translation problems, low quality and various bugs.

 Disney+ logo. (photo credit: FLICKR)
Disney+ logo.
(photo credit: FLICKR)

Israeli users have been experiencing many issues with the newly-launched Israel Disney+ streaming service, according to reports from N12.

Israeli users are reporting a number of bugs on the service. According to N12, the bugs reported include the interface not working when shared with other programs like Yes or Apple TV. Users reported that after signing up for the service and installing it on their Yes TV, they were being asked to sign up again or given a link to the Yes website. 

Other users reported to N12 that the resolution of some of its TV shows was low quality, the app gets stuck too much, and there is a lack of content compared to the US version.

Users also reported a bug in the Hebrew typing on the app, stating that the app was not responding to right to left text.

Disney+ discount

 Disney+ logo. (credit: Wikimedia Commons) Disney+ logo. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Additionally, Disney+ offered a reduced cost for the first year of subscription to people who registered early, but many users complained that they have not received the confirmation email for the discount.

"Due to the high number of people who registered and in order to prevent a system collapse, emails are being sent gradually and throughout the day on Thursday."