Men's ballet company closes Suzanne Dellal Center’s international season

BalletBoyz will perform a program consisting of two works, Them and Us, each of which highlights a different strength of the company.

Ballet Men (photo credit: HUGO GLENDINNING)
Ballet Men
(photo credit: HUGO GLENDINNING)
When they started their company, BalletBoyz, Michael Nunn and William Trevitt were just that, boys. Two young, gifted dancers of the Royal Ballet whose interests strayed from the stage and splashed over to screen, Nunn and Trevitt found themselves first as the subjects of a Channel Four series about the lives of professional dancers and later as the founders of a groundbreaking male dance troupe. They took the title for their company from that inaugural series, which decidedly set them apart from their peers in the ballet world and catapulted them into a multidisciplinary practice which continues to blossom today.
Nowadays, Nunn and Trevitt could not easily be described as boys. They are seasoned directors and have both retired from the stage. However, the legacy of those fresh days, striking out on a path not yet paved or cleared, remains alive in the company. BalletBoyz is home to a select group of gifted young men whose energy and vitality keep the name relevant.
This month, BalletBoyz will visit Israel to close the Suzanne Dellal Center’s celebratory 30th anniversary international season.
The company will perform a program consisting of two works, Them and Us, each of which highlights a different strength of the company.
In Them, the cast of BalletBoyz came together to explore a democratic creation process. Whereas most of the repertoire was commissioned from well-known choreographers, Them was made without any one leader. Each dancer brought materials, inspirations and thoughts to the studio. They improvised, talked, composed, consulted and made decisions as a group. The result is a work that highlights each and every dancer’s abilities and gives them an open space to express their love of movement.
Us is more representative of the creative processes that have put BalletBoyz on the map. For this work, the company brought in choreographer Christopher Wheeldon, winner of Tony and Olivier Awards, to take a deep look at the ensemble and to compose a piece that sheds light on its inner workings. Us is about human interaction, intimacy, friendship, masculinity and group dynamics.
Together, these two works bring energy and power together with emotion and tenderness. Audiences will be privy to a unique gaze at masculinity, one that celebrates the myriad sides and nuances that men encompass.
The BalletBoyz company’s visit will include five performances at the Suzanne Dellal Center on November 28, 29 and 30. For more information, visit