Testin’ Lab: No more pain

The B-Cure Laser is a home device that harnesses the powers of soft laser to treat aches and pains

The B-Cure Laser (photo credit: PR)
The B-Cure Laser
(photo credit: PR)
My late father used to say that after 40, if you wake up and feel no pain, you should check to see if you are indeed alive. While this notion may have been true in past generations, nowadays most people will disagree. We expect to stay active for many years after 40.
I was first introduced to the healing powers of soft laser years ago. During an especially nasty outbreak of pain due to a displaced disk in my lower back that left me unable to walk straight, someone recommended a pain doctor who used the technique. I went – or rather crawled – to his office, got on the bed, and less than half an hour later was amazed that I could walk to the car. A few more treatments, and the pain was gone. It came back a few months later, but this time I knew to rush to the doc - tor before it became unbearable. The downside was that the treatments were expensive. For those who could not move from their beds, the doctor had to schlep his machines to their homes, and that was even more costly.
Aware of the healing powers of laser, as I was, and suffering from chronic shoulder pains, I was intrigued by the advertisements I saw for the hand-held B-Cure Laser last year. Could this be the same magical technique? I soon found out that it was and rushed to buy it.
I started using it at home to treat my shoulder pains, as well as my constant neck pains. My husband, who goes to the gym a few times a week, uses it for his recur - ring lower back pains. And my daughter, once an avid ballet dancer, treats her knees whenever the weather changes, causing past injuries to flare up.
Each treatment takes only a few minutes but should be done a few times a day when pain occurs. The B-Cure, developed by Israeli company Erika Carmel Ltd., is a soft laser home treatment device that treats pain while helping the body to heal itself. The device harnesses the power of the large and expensive laser machines found in pain clinics. It produces similar results using a small hand-held device anyone can use.
Already present in more than 10,000 Israeli homes, this medical device based on the soft laser technology effectively treats pain and orthopedic problems such as back pain, neck and knee pain, tennis elbow and many other such common problems. How? The experts of Erika Carmel say that the soft laser encourages the body’s natural healing powers, invigorating blood flow, releasing endorphins and encouraging the production of enzymes that fight inflammation. The result is immediate reduction in pain, treatment of inflammation and a shorter recovery time.
Researched for many years, the soft laser technique showed that it can reduce pain in different areas, even when the pain is chronic. Dr. Hagai Amir, head of the Rehabilitative Orthopedic Department of Beit Loewenstein, says, “I had an amazing experience treating my patients with the B-Cure Laser device. My first patient bought the B-Cure and uses it at home, treating different pains and orthopedic problems such as inflammation. The initial pain has disappeared and does not interfere with his daily routine.”
He says that with no side effects whatsoever, most of the patients treated with the B-Cure Laser showed a significant reduction in pain. Patients stopped depending on painkillers and were able to resume physical activities, such as walking and exercising.
Lightweight, easy to operate and safe, the B-Cure laser is also used in many hospitals, such as Hadassah, Rambam and Sheba, and is approved by the Health Ministry.
The device operates using soft laser technology of 4.5 joules per minute, with a penetration depth of approximately 4 cm. over an area of 4.5 sq. cm. at full power. Using this device considerably speeds up the natural healing abilities of the body, while reducing the pain itself. The compact device is easy and comfortable to operate; it weighs 173 grams, reduces pain and treats inflammation by administering six- to eight-minute treatment sessions twice a day. B-Cure Laser has been chosen by the Israel Olympic Committee and its medical staff as the official device for the treatment of sports injuries for the Israeli Olympic athletes at the Rio games in 2016. Senior Olympic physiotherapist Dr. Maya Calle- Benzoor and Israel’s Olympic doctor Luba Galizkaya recommend that athletes use B- Cure Laser: “B-Cure Laser is an integral part of our therapeutic equipment. The B-Cure Laser device enables the Olympic athletes, if injured, to return as quickly as possible to their training routine.”
Danielle Frenkel, Israeli high-jump record holder, says, “I made sure to use the B-Cure Laser for every pain that ap - peared on my heel, which hurt as a result of shock. I used the device three times a day, and after a week the pain was gone on my shin bone, which always bothered me. Thanks to the de - vice, I have managed to stabilize the injury to a point where it no longer hurts at all, and calf muscle strain was much relieved after treatment.”
■ Approved by the Health Minis - try. For more details, call *3414; www.gd-energies.com. B-Cure Laser is available at pharmacies such as Super-Pharm