Did the rains of December 2016 produce a baby boom at Kaplan last month?

Doctors have said that more families were inspired to procreate as they were kept indoors due to the especially rainy winter last year.

Couple in bed [file photo] (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Couple in bed [file photo]
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Obstetricians at Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot credit its highest-ever monthly figure of deliveries – 682 babies in September – to the heavy rainfall and cold temperatures nine months earlier.
December 2016 was the wettest month in Israel since 1992, the Meteorological Services said. As a result of the weather, Kaplan surmised, couples cuddled up under the covers and produced the hospital’s record number of pregnancies.
Of the 682 babies, there were 22 sets of twins, and 339 girls and 343 boys. The deliveries last month constituted a 6% rise over September 2016, 9% higher than August 2017 and 25% more than in July of this year.
“I would like to thank every staff member in the maternity ward and the obstetrics department for their dedication, professionalism and empathy for the mothers and their families at the height of the pressure,” said Dr. Roni Levy, director of the delivery rooms.
“The teams went through many nights of birth, even reaching 41 births in one shift, and I salute them for the high satisfaction of the mothers.”