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This is why you need to play with your children more

Only 33% of parents devote time to to play with their kids. An expert explains what your little ones will gain from playing together with you.


How do we teach children to be aware of, yet not scared by strangers?

How can we be sure that our kids know how to recognize danger and escape, and how do we talk to them about protecting themselves without making them anxious?


Here's how bad it can get when you don't clean your home

This mom revealed what many parents would never dare reveal, and garnered quite a few reviews, views and even some criticism.

By Walla!

Postpartum doula: what it means and why it’s worthwhile

Before you give birth, read this. Did you know that a doula can help you even after birth? Here is everything you need to know about a postpartum doula.

By Daniel Saransky , in cooperation with JAMA

Teen swallows needle, life saved after simple procedure

After accidentally swallowing a needle, the 14-year-old underwent a life-saving procedure.

What causes a child to cry, and how should a parent react?

Some parents see crying as weakness, while others feel anxious when it happens. How do you as a parent react, and what’s the right way to handle your child?

By Daniel Saransky

Kids refusing to hug grandparents? This is how you should react

Do you feel uncomfortable every time your kid vehemently refuses to give a hug or a kiss to the grandparents? This is what you’ve got to do.

By Daniel Saransky
  Sleeping child

Does bedwetting indicate a child’s emotional suffering?

When should parents start worrying about nighttime bedwetting? When should they think it's due to an emotional problem? Dr. Hadassah Troan answers the questions.

By Walla!

Here’s what you should keep in mind ahead of having your second child

From the mother you were to the mother you will be: a few words from the heart before a second birth.

By Daniel Saransky

Pfizer vaccine for children under 5 may be available in US by end of Feb

COVID vaccines for children younger than 5 could be available as soon as the end of February under a plan that would lead to the authorization of a two-shot regimen.

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