Military censor denies Syrian missiles flew over central Israel last week

Channel 10 and Walla! News first reported that the missiles passed over central Israel and landed in the Mediteranean sea.

Statement by PM Netanyahu on Events in Syria (YouTube/IsraelPM)
Israel's military censor denied reports Friday that Syrian missiles launched into Israeli territory last Saturday passed over the Tel Aviv metropolitan area.
Channel 10 and Walla! News first reported that the missiles flew over central Israel and landed in the Mediteranean sea, and other Israeli media followed suit. Twitter users caught on to the story quickly enough to capture screenshots of Channel 10 reporter Alon Ben-David's tweets and Facebook posts, including photos taken in Ramat Gan allegedly showing trails of one of the Syrian missiles, before he deleted them.

The brief confrontation between Israel and Syrian regime forces on February 10 began at approximately 4 a.m., when an Iranian-backed militia loyal to the regime of President Bashar Assad sent a drone across the Israeli border. The drone's mission is not yet clear, but it only managed to stay in Israeli air space for a minute and a half before an Apache helicopter shot it down. A few minutes later, Israeli aircraft targeted the drone's launch site deep inside Syria, which prompted heavy antiaircraft missile fire in return from the Syrian regime.
More than 20 surface-to-air missiles of all kinds were fired at Israeli Air Force planes. This is when, reports claimed, some of the missiles passed over the center of the country.
Two Israeli crew members were wounded after ejecting from their F-16 when they recognized that one of the enemy missiles had locked onto their jet.
At an event in Northern Israel Friday, Construction Minister Yoav Galant (Kulanu) issued a threat against Iran in Syria, warning Israel's response to the Islamic Republic's next act of aggression will be more ambitious.
"[Next time] we will remove the gloves," he said. "We will dismantle the triangle of evil [that is] Iran, Syria and Hezbollah."
Israel has said it holds Assad's regime responsible for any spillover fighting into its territory a result of the Syrian civil war, and has warned Iran against leveraging its heavy presence in Syria against the Jewish state.