Israeli woman gives birth to twins in bathroom overnight

"It was an interesting experience," the new mother said.

Mother of the twins Natalia Birkov (photo credit: Courtesy)
Mother of the twins Natalia Birkov
(photo credit: Courtesy)
An Israeli woman, Natalia Birkov, was evacuated to Meir Medical in Kfar Saba after giving birth to twins in her bathroom.
The birth came as Natalia was suddenly awoken by contractions at 3 a.m. on Tuesday morning, which at first she thought were not contractions out of the norm, prompting her to call a doula and receive advice.
Upon speaking to her doula, she was advised to go to the hospital, but before she could get out of the house, Natalia was in the midst of childbirth. The first baby, Noam, was born within a time span of 10 minutes – and 20 minutes later, her sister Danielle was also birthed with the help of a paramedic.
"It was an interesting experience," said Natalia. "I planned to give birth in a hospital in an orderly fashion, mainly because the birth of twins is risky, but I am glad that the birth went well."
"We are very happy and welcome the birth of two healthy girls, and that Natalia is feeling well and the birth went without complications," said Gil Schechter-Maor, director of the delivery room at the Meir Medical Center
"It is important to say that the birth of twins... is a more complex birth, and in light of the fact that these are two fetuses, the recommendation is to give birth in a hospital, where the stress phase takes place in an operating room, to ensure the health of both fetuses," he added.
"In Natalia's case, given that this was her second birth, labor came very quickly and therefore she did not have time to reach the hospital," Schechter-Maor said. "Well done Natalia and her family – for the resourcefulness and her composure in managing the birth. We wish her complete health and that she will raise them comfortably."