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World population to reach 8 billion this year - UN

Still, the UN warns that populations are decreasing worldwide • by 2050, senior citizens will outnumber children for the first time in world history • Guterres: "our world is in peril"

Giving birth in water: Low risk, high reward - study

Researchers concluded that water birth is as safe as standard intrapartum care for healthy individuals, and can reduce physical pain as well as anxiety during labor.

Israeli couple struggling with pregnancy have healthy baby - here's how

Jerusalem couple helped to have healthy baby after two newborn sons died of mysterious respiratory disease two weeks after their separate births.

What is breastfeeding like the first weeks after childbirth?

How much does the baby breastfeed in the first few days, and how does your milk composition change? Most women are anxious about the challenge of starting nursing, so here are some guidelines:


Violence, racism and disrespect: The dark side of Israel’s maternity wards

Women feel exposed and vulnerable during childbirth, and when the mother feels that she’s disrespected and treated with contempt, the experience can be very difficult.

By Walla!

This Facebook group is empowering pregnant/postpartum women

Ima Hozeret L’Jeans – Mom’s Back in Her Jeans – is the largest, leading Facebook community in Israel today focusing on female empowerment, fitness, nutrition and support.

Pregnancy (Illustrative)

Preserving the mysteries of childbirth - opinion

What if you just want to keep guessing until the day of birth, and then be dazzled by whatever appears?


Candles of Hope: Helping Israelis affected by pregnancy, infant loss

Candles of Hope was officially registered in 2019 as a kind of one-stop-shop where bereaved families and healthcare professionals can find existing resources and where gaps are filled.


Postpartum doula: what it means and why it’s worthwhile

Before you give birth, read this. Did you know that a doula can help you even after birth? Here is everything you need to know about a postpartum doula.

By Daniel Saransky , in cooperation with JAMA

Study shows that Elgan Pharma’s latest product helps preterm babies eat

The insulin product leads to major improvement in preterm babies’ ability to absorb nutrition, and mitigates hazardous preterm complications.

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