Kenny Rozenberg, financer of El Al purchase, immigrates to Israel - report

Eli Rozenberg became the new owner of El Al after a decision by the State of Israel to grant him control of the company.

El Al plane (photo credit: ERIC GAILLARD/REUTERS)
El Al plane
Kenny Rozenberg, the father of Eli Rozenberg who is registered as the owner of El Al and is the money behind the deal, has immigrated to Israel, landing in the Jewish state on Monday, Globes reported.
He is believed to have financed the El Al deal for his son, as he was unable to become a shareholder himself because he was not an Israeli citizen. Now that he has immigrated, he should be able to become a shareholder should he choose to do so.
Rozenberg submitted a request to immigrate to Israel and has plans to live in Jerusalem. He received special permission to arrive in Israel from the coronavirus flight exemptions committee.
He reportedly declined the financial support he is eligible for as an immigrant, according to Globes.
Eli Rozenberg, a 26-year-old yeshiva student with no previous experience in tourism or airlines, became the new owner of El Al after a decision by the State of Israel to grant him control of the company in October.
El Al is seen as an asset of national importance, so Israeli law demands that a citizen serve as its owner.
Kenny Rozenberg, who was not an Israeli citizen at the time, reportedly provided his son with the necessary NIS 359 million ($103 m.) for his company to purchase 42.9% of the airline stocks. The State of Israel bought 14% for NIS 115 m. ($33 m.) and is also willing to support 75% of an up-and-coming $250 m. loan the airline plans to secure from Israeli banks.
"We cannot provide information about immigrants that do not allow information about them to be provided," The Aliyah and Integration Ministry told Globes. "But if the report is true, then we welcome all immigration and certainly by a person of his status who has contributed to Israel in this difficult time."
Hagay Hacohen contributed to this report.