Leifer case delayed as court allows cross-examination of psych experts

Delays ‘unacceptable’ say three alleged victims of alleged pedophile

Malka Leifer
The Jerusalem District Court will allow cross-examination of the psychiatric experts who have declared alleged pedophile Malka Leifer to be fit for trial, a step which will cause further delays in extradition proceedings against her.
Leifer is wanted in Australia for 74 counts of sexual abuse against and rape against minors.
The State Attorney’s Office had requested the Judge Chana Miriam Lomp who is overseeing the case not allow cross-examination due to the lengthy duration of the case and the damage done to Australia – Israel ties due to the failure to extradite her.
Lomp however acquiesced to the request of Leifer’s defense lawyers for cross-examination and a initiated scheduling procedures for a series of hearings to cross-examine each of the three members of the psychiatric team during the course of February and March.
The judge initially requested that a first cross-examination hearing take place at the end of this month (January) but Leifer’s defense attorneys said they had prior engagements and Lomp acquiesced to their requests for hearings at a later date.
Leifer’s defense attorney’s also requested to bring in their own psychiatric expert although it is unclear if the judge will allow this.
Leifer’s alleged victims expressed intense frustration with the further delays following the hearing.
“We are utterly exhausted and dismayed that after an hour and a half [hearing], we still feel no closer to justice. It is obvious that Leifer is playing the system, how much longer will we allow justice to be perverted?” sisters Nicole Meyer, Dassi Erlich and Elly Sapper demanded.
“We would have hoped that after another panel confirms she's faking her illness, things would move quicker. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case. These delays are unacceptable.”
Zionist Federation of Australia president Jeremy Leibler welcomed the findings of the psychiatric panel but expressed frustration that the panel won’t be cross-examined for another month.
"The presentation of the psychiatric panel's report is most welcome but another month-long delay until the panel is cross-examined is not good enough. While due process must be followed, we hoped the Court would be expeditious given the definitive nature of the panel’s findings.”
Leibler welcomed the State Attorney's office to hasten the proceedings, saying it “indicated Israel's government is finally attuned to the seriousness of this issue in regards to the Australia-Israel relationship and the need for Leifer's alleged victims to receive justice.”
Campaigner Manny Wax expressed disappointment that “the defense's strategy of delaying justice is proceeding as they planned and stated in the past,” and said that “We hope that Judge Lomp will take more control of this case and expedite the process.”