Netanyahu wishes Israel a happy Passover with drawing

Who knew the Prime Minister could draw?

A Passover greeting from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (photo credit: PMO)
A Passover greeting from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
(photo credit: PMO)
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wished a happy Passover to all Israelis in a hand drawn greeting released by his office on Thursday.
"To all of Israel, happy and Kosher Passover!" he wrote.
The drawing, in blue pen, features a large bowl of charoset, a sweet mix of fruit and nuts, with the Hebrew word for "a lot" written underneath; a small bowl of bitter herbs with the word "a little" written underneath and two pieces of matza.
The drawing is signed by Netanyahu himself.
On Monday, Netanyahu posted a video on Facebook in which he wished viewers a happy Passover. He spoke about his day meeting foreign ministers and addressed the police questioning that occurred on Monday.
"Yes, I had another meeting today, on another subject. It is also related to security, but to a different kind of security: it is my absolute confidence, after this meeting like the other meetings, that there will be nothing - because there was nothing. So I would like to wish you all a kosher and happy Passover. Enjoy with your families. I'll enjoy it with my family. I will celebrate this holiday with great joy, with great confidence, with lots of charoset and no bitter herbs," Netanyahu said.
Netanyahu was hospitalized Tuesday night with a fever and released later the same night. A statement released by the Prime Minister's Office said that he had failed to rest enough after being sick with the flu earlier this month needed time to recover.