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Jews in former Soviet Union eat most amount of matzah in the world - Why?

That’s a provision of 2.7 pounds per person – a ratio that’s nearly three times what’s on stock for the average soldier in the Israeli army.


Matzah and the #MeToo movement: Symbols of restraint - opinion

The Talmud long ago taught us: With sexual drives, it is difficult to stay in low gear.

The story and impact of the American Heritage Haggadah

"The celebration of Passover has changed dramatically in America from pre-Civil War days to the present. What has not changed is the Passover story itself. It continues to move, teach and inspire Jew

A MAN wraps fresh matza during Passover in Ashdod in 2016

UJA launches #MatzahChallenge to raise funds amid COVID, Passover

Until April 4, all posts updated with the hashtag #MatzahChallenge will be matched with an $18 donation to UJA.


650 pounds of matzah are being shipped to Saudi Arabia, other Gulf states

The matzah is also being shipped to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. The Jewish association will also be providing Passover resources to American troops in the region.


Major rise in demand for Shmurah Matzah amid Passover - survey

The alleged cause of the rise in demand for Shmurah Matzah was due to a campaign initiated by Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Passover in Muslim countries: Matzah in Iran, seder in UAE

Jews across the Muslim world are preparing for the upcoming Passover holiday with several organizations involved in supplying the holiday essentials

A MAN wraps fresh matza during Passover in Ashdod in 2016

Parashat Bo: Multiple meanings of matzah

There are (at least) three different reasons for eating unleavened bread; and together with a fourth, symbolic reason, all of them tie together in one of those mystical weaves.

A MAN wraps fresh matza during Passover in Ashdod in 2016

Despite coronavirus, EAJC brings matzah to Jewish communities for Passover

As a result of their efforts, the EAJC was able to deliver matzah to communities in India, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Georgia.

President John F. Kennedy signs a proclamation for the interdiction of the delivery of offensive wea

How JFK saved Passover for America's Jews

President Kennedy came to the rescue when he issued a special proclamation that granted special permission to import around five tons of wheat flour from Israel that year for matzah making.

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