Passover in the days of the coronavirus

Buddy Phones is a new for-kids earphone brand that allows children to safely enjoy music.

 (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Virus or not – spring is here and even if we cannot really enjoy it this year, we can still get ready by launching the spring cleaning, getting ready for Passover, and looking for new ways to enjoy the warming weather. Keep safe and stay at home.
For small ears
Buddy Phones is a new for-kids earphone brand that allows children to safely enjoy music, gaming and other media, protecting them from excessive decibels and adjusting the sound to the activity. The new earphones are available in a range of styles and colors and come with a set of stickers for personalization. They are sturdy, water-safe and some models have a built-in microphone. NIS 75 to NIS 249. Available in KSP computers.
Getting ready for Passover
Having a small family Seder? You will still need to have at least one bottle of Tirosh for the kids around the table. Carmel is offering its Tirosh, made from 100% fresh grapes with no added sugar or preservatives, in a large bottle containing 1½ liters. The Tirosh is offered both in red or white for NIS 20.
Clean surfaces
I don’t usually like spending time on cleaning, but the pandemic, coupled with the upcoming Passover, and the long hours one has to spend at home, convinced me it is time to get a head start on my spring cleaning. To make things a little easier – Nicol launched an anti-bacterial dishwashing pad as well as antibacterial microfiber rags that it says can kill 99.9% of bacteria. Not really bacteria, corona may or may not be affected by it, but it makes me feel good – so there. Also in the same line – antibacterial wet wipes that I have been using on every single surface at home. Better to be safe...
Tight and smooth
Staying at home, I have more time to explore the signs of time on my face – and what is even worse – my neck. Yes, there’s no hiding the aging signs of the neck, especially in warm weather, so I am pleased to tell you that Vichy added a new pampering neck cream that promises to re-sculpt the jawline and add firmness to the neck. The company says its clinical tests showed a 33% improvement in jawline contours and 25% improvement in the look of the neck after eight weeks. I am applying the cream twice daily and will let you know how it goes. NIS 209. Available in private pharmacies and Superpharm online. For more details: (09) 773-0800.
The DNA factor
For days when simple serum is not enough – try the new Juvelist Serum by local cosmetics company HL. Fighting dryness and sensitivity due to the cold or stress, the new serum, containing a patent-protected DNA CoFactor formula, is enriched with vitamins, ceramides, amino acids and peptides. Great. NIS 330. For more information go to
Blue and white
This Passover, for the sake of mother Earth, please use real dishes and not disposables. The fact that Seders this year will be celebrated in small family dinners, means it is time to stop using paper plates. If you do not want to turn your regular dishes into kosher for Passover – how about purchasing new plates that will be used each year only for the holiday? Shekel is offering new and lovely blue-and-white Corell dishes, made using a new technology, with lovely decorations that look hand-made. There are six different designs and you can mix and match. From NIS 792 for a complete set for six people.
Get the perfect selfie
With not much to do, many spend their days taking selfies and sending them in their WhatsApp groups or uploading them on Facebook. But before you do, try the all new Selfie Color Collection by GaDe. There are 14 new excellent lipsticks in the collection (NIS 79.90), two trio packs of very good blushes (NIS 99.90) and a very pretty palette of eye shadows and highlighters (NIS 119.90) that is a lot of fun to play with. This is definitely the time to play with makeup and explore possibilities – we don’t really have much to do anyway and it may take your mind off more stressing matters. At least for a while. Available online at
Eye opener
As art of the spring cleaning, I decided to throw all of the old mascaras that doctors recommend throwing after a couple of months. So in dire need of a new mascara, I looked for a new one online and was very glad to learn that L’Oreal Paris has a special on mascaras for the holiday, offering their best-selling ones at reduced prices. Try the Lash Architect for a dramatic effect (NIS 60 instead of NIS 75, the wonderful Unlimited for easy removal with water at NIS 50 instead of NIS 75, or the Telescopic for NIS 40 instead of NIS 60. Available online until the end of March at,,, and
Happy dishwashing
Nuby, the American baby brand, presents a new bottle-dryer rack that looks like green (very green) grass. The rack can be used to dry baby stuff, but is also good for glasses and jars. Easy to clean, the rack is only NIS 79.90 and may be a good idea for a gift to young parents.
Smells like spring
Corona or not, Passover is happening soon and it is time for a few new perfumes. This year I choose pink – floral, feminine and uplifting scents.
I love Chloe’s scents. The famed French fashion house has managed to put out some of the best and most loved scents. Nomade, a relatively new scent in a pink and pretty flask, is yet another success.
Created by inspiration from freedom, surprises, desire for open spaces and empowerment, Givaudan perfumer Quentin Bisch created Nomade as a floral, yet not too feminine, fruity and woody composition, including notes of Mirabelle plum, freesia and oak moss. The shape of the bottle mimics one of the classic bags of the house – the Drew model. NIS 489.
Rememberig pre-Corona Italy, Roberto Cavalli was inspired by the spirit of Florentine ladies. The brand presents a new limited -edition scent: Florence Blossom. It promises a contemporary floral-fruity scent, inspired by the bliss of Tuscany. Top notes: black currant, mandarin, bergamot. Heart: rose, jasmine, orange blossom. Base: iris, patchouli, sandalwood, ambrox. The pretty flask is adorned with floral pink print a true spring scent. NIS 329 for 75 ml.
Hugo Boss launched its first ever women’s scent – Boss Alive. Opening with sensuous aromas of apple, plum and cinnamon, as well as vanilla, heart notes of Jasmin and thyme, and a base of warm woody scents. Delicious. NIS 279 for 50 ml.
Coach is dreaming of happier days, launching new free-spirited scent called Coach Dreams. The American brand presents a floral-fruity scents of orange and pear, heart notes of gardenia flowers and cactus. And a woody base. NIS 249.