Rosh HaShanah 2017-2018 Traditional Gift Guide

Why Give a traditional Rosh Hashanah gift?

Gold pomegranate pendant with red ruby gemstones. (photo credit: JUDAICA WEBSTORE)
Gold pomegranate pendant with red ruby gemstones.
(photo credit: JUDAICA WEBSTORE)
Beards, vintage dresses... and traditional Jewish gifts for Jewish New Year? Traditional are in this year as all areas of fashion and lifestyle go old school.
Honey dippers. Jewish calendars. Shofars, shofar holders. And pomegranate. Anything with a
pomegranate. And of course .
Pomegranate - It’s the original “pumpkin spice” of the Jewish holidays, didn’t you know?
Traditional gifts are mainstays because they’re good gifts! Let’s go over the traditional Rosh
HaShanah gifts and how to keep them in fashion.
Rosh HaShanah is a time when both men and women want to look and feel their best. Welcome
the New Year by treating yourself or someone you love to a fine celebratory .
But should I be buying new clothes on Rosh Hashanah? That’s another issue. But if you’re going
to refresh your wardrobe, don’t neglect your Jewish garments.
Tallit is a traditional gift from a woman to her husband or a bride to be to her betrothed.
Honey Dippers
Isn’t it a little frivolous to buy a honey dipper? You only use it once a year… and besides, a
honey dipper, isn’t that old fashioned?
It’s a sweet joy to give someone a honey dipper! This is exactly the kind of thing someone
wouldn’t buy for themselves, but would love to receive.
Displayed around the home while not in use, honey dippers are some of the most beautiful
Judaica items precisely because they are used only once a year and need to stand out from the
Honey from Eretz Yisroel
Is there anything sweeter than the state of Israel? Well, let’s not ask her enemies… we’re
talking about honey here.
Israel’s unique environment allows honey producers to make all kinds of flavors and varieties.
Support Israel’s southern communities when you buy from Lin Farms or support any Israeli bee
farmer when you buy Israeli honey.
Seems obvious, doesn’t it? On the holiday where blowing the shofar is one of the key elements,
it’s easy to dismiss a shofar as a gift choice because it’s too obvious.
Don’t make that mistake!
A shofar is a thoughtful and long-lasting gift, especially for children. Kudu, or “Yemen shofars”
are gaining in popularity and could be a great choice for someone who has admires their long
and curled style and unique sound.
Shofar Displays
Shofars could be the worst designed product to lie flat. It rolls. It falls. It tilts. How about this
year you treat your shofar to a nice shofar stand?
Keeping your shofar in a nice stand can keep it easy to access, safe from tumbles, and provide
you with a beautiful place to show off your shofar all year long.
Pomegranate Inspiration
The pomegranate, an ancient Jewish symbol of fertility, is also the symbol of Rosh HaShanah –
but did you know it’s also in season during Rosh HaShanah?
pomegranate trees’ fruit turns ruby red. Pomegranate gifts come in all iterations, from deep
red ceramic house blessing hangings to 14k gold pendants spilling over with rubies.
A favorite thinking of you gift is a single ceramic pomegranate.
Something Sweet to Eat
Jewish people love to eat, particularly during celebrations – Rosh Hashanah is no exception.
Rosh Hashanah gift baskets tend to focus on the agricultural products of the Land of Israel. The
most popular item in a Rosh Hashanah gift basket is honey, of course, but wine takes a close
second even during Rosh Hashanah.
Wishing people a sweet new year is often done with sweets. Jams, sweet wines, chocolates,
and candy are another traditional gift during Rosh Hashanah, accompanied by the greeting
“Wishing you a happy and sweet New Year!”
Israel is the land of milk, honey – and fruit?
You might be surprised to learn that Israel produces much of its own fruit despite the desert’s
challenges. While seasons can be short, the fruits are delicious! Get a taste of the fruits of the
desert when you buy Israeli-made jams, jellies, preserves, and fruit sauces.
Traditional gifts become traditions because they’re timely, well-loved, and ideal for a specific
holiday. As vintage and retro styles become mainstream, maybe Jewish folks all over will have a
renewed appreciation for the thoughtful and joyful traditional Rosh Hashanah gifts.