tradition of israel

Want to fully understand your family genealogy? Not without a court order

According to some ancestry websites there are indicators to tell you if you possess "Jewish" DNA or not.

 Canadian philanthropist, and passionate cyclist Sylvan Adams.

Grapevine: Yet another investment in the future

A round-up of news from around Israel.

Ari Harow

From tragedy to triumph

The lesson is clear – tragedy should be acknowledged, mourned and learned from, while recognizing that triumph is bound to follow.

The Samson family just after making aliya in 1996

One thousand cool things about living in Israel

“I started this page in March of 2013 with one goal: so that my children and others like them would continue to appreciate the uniquely Jewish aspects of life in Israel."

By Rivkah Lambert Adler

Think About It: About the Passover Seder, pluralism and tolerance

In other words, Passover is for me folklore, the folklore of my people, though I respect all those who view it from a religious perspective.

Mother and daughter enjoy cotton candy at Jewish holiday festivities.

The Sukkot identity: Understanding our peoplehood through the holidays

This is the true identity of the committed Jew, inspired by the spiritual, yet prepared to confront the material in a way that brings us closer to our tradition and Creator.

Gold pomegranate pendant with red ruby gemstones.

Rosh HaShanah 2017-2018 Traditional Gift Guide

Why Give a traditional Rosh Hashanah gift?

IDF Gaza

Tradition, Torah, and a true friend

The lessons to be learned from this week's parashat hashavua (Torah portion), Parshat Shmini.

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