SmartAID brings Israeli innovation to Humanitarian aid

The Israeli team is currently building a humanitarian hub on an island in the Bahamas that was struck by a hurricane on September 1.

SmartAID member working on the Hub (photo credit: Courtesy)
SmartAID member working on the Hub
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The International Israeli NGO SmartAID is currently building a humanitarian hub on the island of Great Abaco to provide assistance to those suffering from the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, the eye of which passed over the Bahama island on September 1 before reaching Grand Bahama Island the next day. 
The hurricane of a month ago caused the deaths of at least 65 people and damages are estimated at $7 billion, with roughly 300 people still missing. According to Al Jazeera, an estimated 13,000 homes, constituting almost half of those on the Abacos and Grand Bahama, suffered severe damage or were completely destroyed.
SmartAID in partnership with the Headknowles Foundtion, the leading local national aid organization, are currently working on the hub that will provide 24/7 services to volunteers and humanitarian teams working on the island, offering them communication services, relief items and personal facilities, a press release on behalf of the NGO reported.  
SmartAID is devoted to using technology and innovation to alleviate poverty. They have so far helped to provide solar power in Kurdish areas of Iraq, send emergency teams in 2017 to aid people in Mexico City after a massive earthquake, and deliver clean water in Indonesia after a tsunami struck the country in 2018.