Syrians fleeing fighting call on Israel to save them

In a video, civilians called to stop “Hezbollah, Iran, Russia and [the] Syrian regime” from attacking them.

Syrian protesters calling on Israel for help  (photo credit: YOUTUBE)
Syrian protesters calling on Israel for help
(photo credit: YOUTUBE)
On Friday Syrians fleeing the fighting in southern Syria near the Golan pleaded for help. A child held a sign reading “Assad, ISIS, Iran and Hezbollah gangsters are the heads of terrorism in the world,” while a doctor gave a short speech in a video posted online.
In the video a dozen men and children held signs and called for help from Israel and the US, saying they had been abandoned by the world. One of the signs requested that the UN forces return to their bases near the demilitarized zone between Israeli forces and Syria. Up to 60,000 civilians have fled fighting in southern Syria in the last week as the Syrian regime, backed by Russian airpower, has launched a major offensive. Thousands arrived at the border with Israel over the last 48 hours. The IDF delivered 300 tents and tons of food and humanitarian supplies for children on Thursday night.
The Friday video is the first public call for assistance from Israel. The video was posted by a user who has been known as a local spokesman for the Syrian rebels near the Golan. The video shows a man, identified as a displaced doctor, giving a short speech and says Israel should protect civilians next to the “occupied Golan.” The men say that the Arab states have abandoned the civilians who are fleeing. “Putin arranged the World Cup in Russia and here [is killing] Syrian children with helicopters,” the signs held by the protestors said.
Israel has said it will not open the border to people fleeing the fighting. The US has also indicated that it will not intervene in southern Syria. Meanwhile, Jordan has been working on brokering a ceasefire as the fighting continues.