The Jerusalem Post's top 5 stories of June 19

San Antonio resident Alan Weinkranz was killed in Saturday's crash in Tel Aviv, Herzog rejects his spokesman's claim that settler's are 'destroying the future,' Alice Cooper rocks Israel, and more.

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1. In post after post memorializing the San Antonio resident, who was among three people killed Saturday night when a driver crashed into them as they dined at the Furama restaurant on Tel Aviv's Ben Yehudah street, was recalled as warm, funny, innovative, and more than anything, helpful.
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2. Opposition leader Isaac Herzog (Zionist Union) distanced himself from spokesman Ofer Newman Sunday, after the latter wrote a Facebook post accusing settlers of “destroying our future” and “trampling Jewish morals.”
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3. In the band’s first visit to Israel, Cooper performed a thunderous and electrifying musical (and theatrical) display for the ages. Opening the show with a monologue by horror film star Vincent Price that segued into “Black Widow,” Cooper and his cohorts spent the next 90 minutes playing, and acting out, some 20 of the band’s countless greatest hits.
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4. A disturbing new application was displayed in the "Google Play" store that invites users to "play in Auschwitz" Italian newspaper The Repubblica reported on Sunday.
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5.  The government on Sunday approved an allocation of NIS 74 million to the settlements in light of the worsening security situation in Judea and Samaria that has caused increased security challenges and hurt businesses.
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