Vandals call to ‘gas Bibi’ on walls of Bar Ilan yeshiva

On another wall, the words "Bibi to the gas," are written, as well as "No pride in apartheid."

Graffiti on the wall of Bar Ilan Yeshiva in Tel Aviv (photo credit: RABBI BENNY PEREL)
Graffiti on the wall of Bar Ilan Yeshiva in Tel Aviv
(photo credit: RABBI BENNY PEREL)
Graffiti scrawled on the walls of the Bar Ilan Yeshiva in Tel Aviv over the weekend and discovered on Monday calls for violence against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Education Minister Naftali Bennett.
“[Meir] Kahane died!” the graffiti on one wall reads, “What about Bennett?” On another wall the words “Bibi to the gas” were painted, along with “No pride in apartheid.”
On a third wall, “Antifa zone!” and “There is no God!” were written.
The head of the yeshiva, Rabbi Benny Perel, posted pictures of the grafitti on his Facebook page on Monday morning, decrying the lack of attention the incident had received.
He use the term “Tag Meir” (price tag) to refer to the graffiti, which is usually associated with incidents perpetrated by radical Israeli settlers against Palestinians.
“If this was a mosque, Tag Meir would have come and given me a flower,” he wrote, referring to an anti-racism organization that was founded in response to the price-tag attacks.
Perel added that in such a case, the graffiti would have received compassionate attention from President Reuven Rivlin as well as from the media, the police, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Service) and the CIA. “The Tel Aviv Municipality would have cleaned and renovated it,” he added. “But we are a yeshiva.”
Circulating Perel’s post, Tag Meir condemned the “ugly graffiti” and said representatives of the organization planned to visit the yeshiva in the coming days to plant an olive tree “for peace and tolerance.”
Acting swiftly upon their word, Tag Meir activists went to the yeshiva on Monday afternoon and together with head of the yeshiva, planted a tree.
“We condemn every kind of hate crime and we came to the yeshiva in Tel Aviv as we do when any crime of hate and racism are committed – in order to condemn the attackers and to reinforce those who have been attacked.”
Bennett’s office also responded to the incident saying: “The haters will continue to slander, and we will continue to act. Minister Bennett will continue to work for the State of Israel and will advance his positions without fear.”