New dolphin sighted at Eilat harbor, sparking hope of a romance - watch

Nature lovers hope the dolphin is male so that he may pair with a female of his species also sighted in the area.

A new dolphin sighted at Eilat harbor/ Omri Omsi, Israel Nature and Parks Authority
A single Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin was seen swimming near Dekel beach in Eilat on Saturday morning, leading nature lovers to hope he (if it is a male) will attract another wild bottlenose dolphin nicknamed Rona which has been swimming in the area since 2019. 
“We don’t know yet if [the dolphin] is a male or a female but we hope to be able to update in the future,” the Israel Nature and Parks Authority said. 
The authority further explained dolphins usually live in pods, so the arrival of a single dolphin is unusual.
It cautioned the public not to try and approach it and let it swim in the sea undisturbed.  
On Friday, a sperm whale was seen  half of a kilometer off the shore of Nahariya off Israel's northern shores, marine conservation non-profit Delphis reported Friday.  The whale was seen poking his blowhole out of the water for a calculated breath.