WATCH: Israel at 70 - Israeli doctors and the future of medicine

Will we have robots for doctors in the future? Find out what Israeli doctors think will happen to hospitals and medicine!

Israel 70+: The Future of Medicine (Credit: White Animation)
A hospital that’s more like an auto repair shop, upgrading and replacing internal organs; cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer's vaccinations; bionic implants and doctors who are robotics experts. What will medicine look like in the future?
In this video made by White Animation for the Israel 70+ project in honor of Israel's upcoming 70th anniversary of independence, Professor Dina Ben Yehuda and Dr. Danny Ben-Zvi paint a picture of the future of Israeli medicine.
Professor Dina Ben Yehuda is dean of the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Medicine and head of the Hadassah Medical Organization’s Department of Hematology. She specializes in the detection and treatment of malignant hematological diseases. Among her pre-clinical research projects is the discovery of a new protein that induces cell death. Her laboratory packaged the protein in nanoparticles, whose mission is to invade and kill lymphoma and myeloma cancer cells.
Dr. Danny Ben-Zvi teaches in the Hebrew University-Hadassah medical school. His research is focused on diabetes, obesity and other metabolic diseases. He aims to find new treatment to these diseases by understanding how weight-loss surgeries affect our physiology, and apply the findings on patients. This is done using mathematical modeling, genetics and molecular biology tools.
The Israel 70+ project is comprised of 12 short animations, each shining a light on the future of a major field of life - medicine, autonomous transportation, the job market, food, family, child welfare, Jews in the Diaspora, big data and more, and these videos will air exclusively right here on!