WATCH: rarely seen Dolphin behavior spotted off Israeli coast

Dolphin mourning lost friend seen near Israeli port city, scholars claim such behavior among males has seldom been seen.

IMRAC video of dolphins swimming
Two dolphins in a touching display of friendship were observed off the Israeli coast, north of Ashkelon, on Friday.
A male dolphin was swimming and accompanying the floating carcass of his deceased friend and playmate, refusing to abandon him, mourning-like behavior previously seen only with mothers and their dead calves.
The living dolphin named Orli has been visiting Israel's shores since 2002 and was last seen in Israel this February. The Israeli Mammal Research and Assistance Center (IMRAC) was notified by Nahshon Marine Construction, a professional diving school and marine works company, who were the first to notice this unique scene.
The IMRAC researchers stated that it is rare that such mourning is displayed between two males. 

Mourning is one type of behavior usually related to high-intelligence, for which dolphins are known for.  
Seven dolphins had been observed by IMRAC on Saturday on the shore of Herzliya.