Winter is coming

With the cold season at our doorstep, it’s time to change your beauty routine, heat up with nice whisky and send presents to relatives and friends abroad.

Ben Ezer Plantations (photo credit: Courtesy)
Ben Ezer Plantations
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Gifts from Israel
In time for the holidays, Ben Ezer Plantations this year offers an even more extensive portfolio, including gift boxes of fruits, delicacies, wines and additional gifts, all made in Israel. For over three decades, Ben Ezer Plantations has offered gorgeous gift boxes and speedy home delivery anywhere in the world. The baskets include the best the Land of Israel has to offer: citrus, wine and other gifts from Israel. Among the new premium boxes on offer this year, we found one Called “Fruitfull” – a box filled with premium quality oranges, red grapefruits and sweeties, as well as a choice of delicacies including honey-nut cookies, mandarin-orange confiture, dried fruits and nut nougats, dark chocolate chunks, an assortment of nuts and dried fruits and chocolate-covered baklava filled with pistachio. Also in the box is a bottle of La-Vie Castel red wine.
The company has more than 50 different boxes priced at NIS 239 and up, including handling and shipment. Gifts with citrus are shipped to Europe, the US, Canada and Japan. All other gifts may be sent all over the world. The boxes are delivered in chilled containers to the doorstep of recipients. https://
Clear ideas
Acne arrives in our kids’ lives at the worst possible age – when they are otherwise confused and go through dramatic physical and emotional changes. The wrong treatment could worsen the condition and cause lifelong problems in the skin.
Dermalogica, a premium cosmetic company that offers revolutionary solutions to cosmetic problems, launched Clear Start a few years back with great success, helping moms help their kids to take better care of their skin and eliminate acne as much as possible. The company has added two new items to the line for youngsters with problematic oily skin.
1) The Breakout Clearing Booster, a serum with a new light formula that dramatically improves the condition in three days. The company’s expert suggests that regular use will help keep skin almost pimple-free during the teen years (NIS 152).
2) The second new product in the line is a bubbling mask that clears blackheads and excess oil (NIS 152). Available only in licensed beauty centers and beauticians, Isrotel hotels and Holmes Place. Call 0732-10- 20-30 for a place near you.
Clearly excellent
Clinique has expanded its iconic Dramatically Different line of creams, adding a new hydrating gel – an intensive yet fat-free and light hydrating gel that keeps the skin hydrated for 24 hours.
Calling the new gel “Hydration re-invented,” Clinique says that their tests proved that while this new product is clear and very light, it is extremely powerful and is redefining the idea of hydration, correcting the skin barrier and helping protect it against pollution, thanks to the revolutionary Clean Shield Technology.
It is especially good for those who do not like heavy oily creams, yet need the extra hydration and protection. We think it is fantastic. For all skin types. NIS 220 for 120 ml. (launching price is NIS 199), and NIS 120 for 50 ml.
Silky coverage
Boaz Stein added a two-in-one Mineral Make-up compact, which is both a creamy foundation and a powder that has a matte finish. The foundation comes in a compact box that is safe to take in the bag for touch-ups. The pigment-rich formula covers imperfections in one stroke, but can be layered for more coverage if needed. The Mica mineral pigment provides silky coverage, reducing the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation. Available in perfumeries and licensed beauty centers. NIS 99.
Inspired by tradition
Dove has extended its collection, adding a new line of avocado and calendula. Taking inspiration from traditional South American methods of body pampering, Dove created a line of products – including body lotion, shampoo, conditioner and body wash – that continues the company’s trend of creating lines inspired by nature and rich traditions from around the world. The avocado oil, together with essence of the calendula flower added to the shampoo and conditioner, strengthen the hair fiber, reducing the breakage. The avocado oil in the body lotion also absorbs quickly and softens the skin. Available in all supermarkets and pharm chains, where prices may vary.
Even skin
Winter is an opportunity to do something about pigmentation and uneven skin. In time for the colder season, local cosmetic company Gigi introduced Ester C Skin Whitening, a vitamin C-rich cream with a complex of effective whitening ingredients, including resveratrol, made from red grapes and raspberry, known for its ability to slow down the melatonin production in the skin, reducing sensitivity and improving the elasticity of the skin. Another ingredient is the Hentowhite, produced from grains, which helps reduce the appearance of spots without causing irritation. NIS 319, available only at licensed beauty centers. To find one near you and for more information go to
Comfortable support
Wearing a bra is one of those things that you need to endure being a woman, but many women remove it as soon as they get home. Now underwear brand Sloggi is trying to make things a little more comfortable, offering the Zero Feel Top, a seamless sports top with a built-in removable cups made from a light stretchy material that is very comfortable. The only problem is, if you need good support, this bra is not for you. All other women will love it. There are matching undies as well. NIS 189.90- 219.90, sizes S-L.
Scrubs and more
The New York brand Kiehl’s added new body exfoliating scrubs in three delicious scents – coriander, grapefruit and lavender. The Gently Exfoliating scrub removes dead cells without drying the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Kiehl’s donates a portion of its proceeds from every sale to the Yeladim Besikui foundation throughout the year, helping problem youth. NIS 155, available in Kiehl’s stores in shopping malls.
Lip smacking
French dermo-cosmetic brand La Roche Posay, recommended by dermatologists around the world, has a wonderful lip cream that is a real lifesaver during the cold winter months. The Cicaplast Lips Barrier Repairing Balm is suitable for adults and children alike. Enriched with lipids, the balm treats dry and cracked lips, coating them with a protective layer, reducing irritation and restoring the natural protection. The product contains no parabens, dye or scents, and was tested on hypersensitive skin. Keep it at hand. NIS 45, available at private pharmacies, Maccabi and Leumit, as well as online.
Matte and even
Applying makeup, we all wish we had one that will keep fresh, not blur and run. L’Oreal Paris specialists now offer Infaillible Ultra Matte Powder, a compact powder that they say lasts up to 24 hours – all day and night. Its matte formula helps absorb excess oil, so the skin looks fresh and more even. The powder comes in four shades, packed in a lovely box with a sponge and small mirror (NIS 80).
To get an even better finish, try L’Oreal’s new Infaillible Concealer, a creamy long-lasting concealer that hides imperfections for 24 hours. The concealer comes in four shades. Try the new orange one for hiding dark circles under the eyes – it works wonders. NIS 39.90-NIS 45.
Naturally beneficial
Pomegranate is known for its beneficial qualities to the body. The Israeli cosmetics company Tapuach harnessed these qualities in its new facial serum based on pomegranate-seed oil that contains more than 60% linoleic acid for the enhancement of the skin’s natural elasticity while strengthening it. The serum helps rehabilitate the collagen in the skin, protects the skin in extreme conditions and slows the aging process (age-delay). Contains borage oil, obliphica concentrate and the pomegranate oil. Use on clean and dry skin. NIS 214, available only at licensed beauticians. Call (03) 930-4986 for one near you.
Focus on the eyes
When it comes to great makeup – Smashbox is always a great choice. The brand, which started as a solution for makeup artists, launched two new items recently – a foolproof long-wear liquid eyeliner that even I succeeded using and a new mascara.
The “Always On Liquid Eye Liner” is designed for maximum accuracy with an ergonomic handle, rich pigment and a thin tip that releases the exact amount of color. Keep in your pocketbook for a quick day-to-night change (NIS 99).
To finish off the dramatic look, use Smashbox’s new Super Fan Mascara, which offers a triple effect of lifting, rounding and lengthening the eyelashes with a super black pigment and excellent application brush that leaves no lash without mascara. NIS 99, available in April stores and Smashbox stores.
Feet first
Chemipal presents Mycosan Protect, an anti-fungal protective foam that helps prevent occurrence of athlete’s foot and spread of nail fungi. It appears that one out of four people is affected by this annoying problem and it is very hard to get rid of. The new product, which helps rebuild the skin’s natural protective layer, is effective for 12 hours – even after wetting the feet – and neutralizes odors. Use twice daily on clean and dry feet. After 30 days, stop using for a few days before starting again. NIS 50, available at Superpharm stores.
The flavors of Paris
Nespresso continues to add new flavors – this time inspired by the city of Paris, or rather the patisseries and cafes of Paris. The new limited edition includes hazelnuts praline, an aromatic blend that is perfect for a cappuccino, almond macaroon for those preferring a bit of sweetness and Parisian Cafe, a strong dark blend for those who miss the riverside cafes. Love it. Available at Nespresso stores, by phone at *2500 or on line at
Good hair
The low-cost chain Beautycare launched a new line of hair products called Beautyhair. In the line, according to the company, you can find everything you might need for the upcoming winter, at reasonable prices.
Besides the obvious, their line includes a great serum that helps hair stay straight and enriches the hydration (NIS 10.90), a special hair brush for blow-drying (NIS 9.90), many different kinds of combs for different purposes (NIS 1.50, NIS 2) and even a spray-on mask (NIS 12.90). To find a store near you go to
New smoky flavor
The Sir Edward’s whiskey, launched in Israel by Spiritime two years ago, now has added the smoky version to its portfolio. Sir Edward’s whisky is produced using traditional methods in the company’s distilleries in Scotland. The whiskey’s character is created by using high-quality wheat and barley to create a harmonious flavor and round taste. The smoky version offers the same genteel base, enriched with malt and smoked lightly. It is a well-constructed finely tuned blend for discerning customers who look for more complex, sophisticated flavors. 40% alcohol. NIS 109 for one-liter bottles. Available in wine and spirits stores.