Yair Netanyahu, EU engage in Twitter spat

After the prime minister's son told the EU delegation in Israel to "go away" it responded with shrugging emojis.

YAIR NETANYAHU at a recent court hearing. (photo credit: AVSHALOM SHOSHANI)
YAIR NETANYAHU at a recent court hearing.
(photo credit: AVSHALOM SHOSHANI)
NGO Monitor tweeted a thread in Hebrew on Friday alleging connections between the terrorist organization responsible for killing Rina Shnerb and “administrators of human rights organizations.”
The first tweet in the thread, “Is your money in good hands? And what is the connection between the murder of Rina Shnerb, the terrorist organization suspected of committing the murder and administrators of human rights organizations? Stay with us. #YourMoneyInGoodHands.”
The European Union Delegation to the State of Israel responded in English saying, “The EU stands strong against terror wherever it occurs. We will continue to firmly condemn terror attacks against Israeli citizens. Allegations EU is supporting terrorism are simply untrue and unacceptable. Continuing a "with or against us" mentality only perpetuates conflict.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netnayhu’s son Yair, responded to the EU’s tweet and wrote, “The EU  is a hostile globalist organization, not just for Israel, but for all countries of central and Eastern Europe. Go away.”

Rather than writing a response, the EU tweeted shrugging emojis at the prime minister's older son.

The Shin Bet announced on December 18 that it arrested approximately 50 members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and that it discovered that there were connections between the terrorist organization and the BDS movement.
One of those arrested was Khalida Jarrar, who is said to be the head of the terror group’s operations in the West Bank, served as the vice chairperson, director and board member of the BDS organization Addameer, according to JNS.
In a report entitled, “Terrorists in Suits,” Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs revealed that Hamas and PFLP members invaded organizations involved in BDS, according to JNS. The report stated that 30 terrorists, 20 of whom were imprisoned for their crimes, held senior positions in the 13 BDS organizations that were investigated. More than 100 connections between terror organizations and BDS were uncovered.