Cool choices for a cold season

See what new offerings there are for the winter ahead....

Children's bed 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Children's bed 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Start recycling  Green Koala is a small company that is trying to promote recycling ideas in Israel. Its new line of folding recycling bins for separating three kinds of garbage are not only easy to use but also have an attractive design and will suit any home, school or office, making it fun for kids and grown-ups to recycle. The containers include recycled plastic bags that can be reused and are suitable for collecting plastic bottles and containers, paper and other recyclable materials while separating them. For more information, go to and start recycling!
Instant warm-up  Sunfrost, the leading frozen vegetable brand in Israel, has launched a new series of ready-to-cook soups. The soups, including bean, lentil, pea, broccoli, corn and orange root, all have the frozen vegetables, precooked beans and a sachet of concentrated broth. All you have to do is place the contents in a pot, add water, mix and 10 minutes later you have a nourishing, filling and comforting soup. The taste is as close as one can get to the real thing in just 10 minutes. NIS 15.95 – NIS 16.95 for four servings. Available at most supermarkets.
Relief team  Kleenex continues to add new products, especially during the winter season. This year, the company is offering a soft tissue with eucalyptus oil to soothe the nose and help relieve congestion. Another good idea is the pocket tissues in the Out and About series, now with added menthol and calendula. NIS 12 for a box of 80 Kleenex Eucalyptus and NIS 6.80 for a package of six On the Go pocket packs of eight menthol tissues.
Soft and soothing  Huggies has added a limited edition of Baby Spa wet wipes, made from organic cotton with added calendula extract and cucumber, both known for their soothing qualities, as well as vitamin E – and no alcohol. The product will be available during November and December at most stores and pharmacies. NIS 29.90 for four packages.
Cold in the winter  Who says you can’t enjoy ice cream in the winter? The new Yogo frozen yogurt by General Mills, sold in three flavors, makes for a good and healthy choice. The three flavors – natural, silan and chocolate – are made with pure yogurt and make an excellent basis for desserts. Available at all food chains.
Disney dreams  Laura Swisra, a family-run business located in Ashkelon, has new textile collections for baby and children’s bedding including designs from Disney movies such as Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh and Tinker Bell. A set (NIS 149) with a duvet cover (140x100 cm.), pillow case (70x50 cm.) and fitted sheet (130x70 cm.) is available at most baby and children’s stores and online at
Fight dryness  Kamedis is a cosmetic company that specializes in products for sensitive skin. The new Topic Face Cream treats dryness and redness caused by allergies, exposure to cold weather or heated homes, especially that of young children. Enriched with hydrating agents, the cream is suitable for babies age six months and up and people suffering from atopic dermatitis. The cream is available at all pharmacies and health food stores (NIS 90). To find a store near you, call 1- 800-350-32- or go to ■