Hundreds of haredim riot in Jaffa

Rioters say archaeological dig desecrates graves, 5 policemen injured.

Jaffa Protest 311 (photo credit: Dan Morgan)
Jaffa Protest 311
(photo credit: Dan Morgan)
of haredim were
involved in violent
riots in Jaffa on Wednesday, in Rehov Louis Pasteur around the site of an archeological dig. 
Fifteen haredim were arrested.
The haredim maintain that the work desecrates the sanctity of ancientbones at the site. Rabbi Tuvia Weiss, the senior rabbinic leader ofthe Eda Haredit Badatz (rabbinical court), was on the scene to encourage the protestersand lead a curse against those working at the site.
said the demonstration was illegal. Demonstrators attacked police officers with bricks and rocks and also set fire to trash cans.
were attempts to knock policemen from their horses and f
policemen were reported injured.
Two photographers were also injured and an Israel Radio reporter was forced to seek protection inside a police van.
The demonstrators broke into the old Jewish cemetery, which is close to the site of the dig.Louis
Pasteur and
Street were closed to traffic.
A couple of days ago, two hundred haredim protested near the site and three demonstrators were arrested.  Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) reported that vandals
had ransacked an archaeological excavation of buildings from the late-Ottoman period in Jaffa on Sunday night.
damage done to these impressive buildings from the late Ottoman era is irreversible," said Dr. Yoav Arbel, director of the excavation.
archaeological dig is taking place before the construction of a high-rise building.
Haredim have demonstrated against archaeological digs in the area several times because of their opposition to disturbing Jewish graves on the site.