Unpacking and packing the Passover dishes

When I contemplated giving away the dishes and glassware that I’d cherished and added to for more than half a century, I realized I couldn’t do it.

Stav Meir with his find.
1,500-year-old Greek inscription uncovered by 13-year-old in Caesarea

"I immediately recognized that it was something ancient," the seventh-grader from Caesarea said.

Trove of 1,200-year-old ‘Arabian Nights’ gold coins uncovered in Israel

A jug full of rare 1,200-year-old gold coins was discovered in an excavation in Yavneh just ahead of Hanukkah, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced.

Twenty intact sarcophagi discovered in Egypt

The human-shaped coffins are well preserved and their external decorations and colors are in good condition, “as the ancient Egyptians left them.”

The “Adonayahu Asher  Al Habayit” bulla (seal). Photo
2,600-year-old Hebrew seal found near Western Wall

According to the City of David Foundation, there are three people with the name Adoniyahu in the Bible, the most famous being King David’s son.

A model of Tutankhamen is displayed at a popular tourist area named "Khan el-Khalili" in the al-Huss
Tutankhamen head fetches millions at UK auction despite Egypt's protests

"We are against our heritage and valuable items (being) sold like vegetables and fruit," said an Egyptian graphic designer protesting outside Christie's.

effigy of the Byzantine emperor Theodosius II
Group of schoolchildren find 1,600 year-old gold coin in the Galilee

“This is the first time a coin of this kind has been discovered in the Land of Israel."

Findings displayed in the new archaeological center in Yokneam
New archaeological visitor center opens in Yokneam

The ancient settlement of Yokeneam is mentioned in the Bible as a city of the Levites, located near Megiddo.

sharafat archeology
Impressive Jewish artifacts found in Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem

2,000-year-old olive and wine presses, a burial cave and mikvah from the descendants of the Maccabees were found in south Jerusalem neighborhood.

Haluza, Halutza
1,700-year-old inscription found at Negev Excavation

It is rare that the name of a town is found in the town itself, making this the first archaeological evidence of Haluza.

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