Time Machines: Driving the Citroën Traction Avant and Its Legacy

Amid a worldwide economic downturn, André Citroën gambled his company's future on creating the first widely successful front-wheel drive car. Decades later, we experienced its revolutionary drive.


Reservists find perfectly preserved, 1,500-year-old oil lamp

Reservists discover a perfectly-preserved, 1,500-year-old pottery oil candle in IDF staging area.

Greek antiquities valued at $3.7 million recovered from New York smugglers

Several of the most notable pieces are thousands of years old.

Israel's museums enact war protocol to protect most precious treasures

"You really have to choose the finest or the most fragile artifacts," a museum worker said.


Israeli arrested in Antalya, Turkey on suspicion of stealing ancient bell

The Israeli, who was on his way back to Israel, vehemently denied such and claimed that he purchased the bell in good faith.


Trump holding Israel antiquities among items at Mar-a-Lago

A large amount of other sensitive material was found at Mar-a-Lago, including government documents that Trump was allegedly not cleared to take with him when he left office.


US man charged for attempted antiquity smuggling from Syria

The 2,000-year-old mosaic fragment came from Syria, and he had reportedly claimed to be importing items into the US worth just over $2,000.

Israeli returns 1,700-year-old anchor to Antiquities Authority after 26 years

This anchor, a rare find in the country, was recovered by a citizen named Moshe during a diving expedition off Palmahim Beach in 1996.

Israeli woman finds ancient figurine of Egyptian goddess on the beach

Amid stormy weather, a resident of Lod saw the figurine floating toward her on the waves.

Antiquities Authority calls on Israeli public to return stolen artifacts

Citizens can reach out to the IAA to determine if items are antiques and return items at one of four collection points throughout the country.

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