A tribute to companies whose products have become Israeli icons worldwide

ZIM​ CEO Eli Glickman pays homage to the CEOs of Teva Israel, Mehadrin, Keter Plastic, and other prominent Israeli companies

ZIM CEO Eli Glickman, to Teva Israel CEO Avinoam Sapir (photo credit: AVRAHAM SHOHAM)
ZIM CEO Eli Glickman, to Teva Israel CEO Avinoam Sapir
(photo credit: AVRAHAM SHOHAM)
On the occasion of Israel's 70th Independence Day, ZIM recently embarked upon a special project entitled, "ZIM Salutes Its Customers and Israeli Industry." This past week, giant shipping containers made their way from the north of Israel to the Negev, proudly bearing the logos of nine major Israeli companies – companies that have profoundly influenced the economy and society of this country as we know it
As part of this celebratory project, ZIM trucks were branded with logos that paid tribute to some of the company's most prominent customers: longstanding Israeli brands that have achieved international success, such as Teva, Mehadrin, Israel Aerospace Industries, Netafim, Phoenicia, Adama, Keter Plastic, Electra, and Tadiran.
The project kicked off with a visit by ZIM CEO Eli Glickman, to Teva Israel CEO Avinoam Sapir, representing the global management of Teva Pharmaceuticals – one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, and Israel's number one exporter to some 60 different markets.
It is thanks to years of cooperation between these two companies that the "smart container" was born. Named ZIMonitor, this cutting-edge technology completely transformed the way service is provided in the shipping world, as it sends real-time alerts on a shipment's status at each stage of its journey, 24/7. ZIM's global professional network can now tackle problems as they arise, preventing damage to goods worth millions. In the past five years alone, Teva has exported goods valued at an incredible NIS 100 billion (about 15% of Israel's total industrial exports).
ZIM has been providing services to Israeli customers since the earliest days of the state, paving the way for Israeli exports to dozens of countries around the globe, and making a significant contribution to Israel's foreign trade. ZIM was among the bold pioneers that launched the container shipping industry – a technological revolution that transformed the face of the shipping industry forever. Today, ZIM is considered one of the largest shipping companies in the world, and one of the leading carriers in Israeli trade, shipping goods from vegetables and clothing, to pharmaceuticals and hi-tech products.