This Kibbutz offers endless free chocolate milk for kids

Throughout the month of August, travelers enroute to Eilat can enjoy endless chocolate milk on tap.

 The "Chocolate Milk Faucet" at the Yotvata Inn (photo credit: Yotvata)
The "Chocolate Milk Faucet" at the Yotvata Inn
(photo credit: Yotvata)

At Yotvata, a kibbutz near Eilat, during August, kids are all smiles, gulping down glass after glass of chocolate milk. Everywhere you look, there are happy faces and chocolatey mustaches, with endless chocolate milk on tap.

Yotvata Kibbutz has recently announced the reopening of its "Chocolate Milk Faucet" at the Yotvata Inn, offering travelers enroute to Eilat a unique pit-stop experience throughout the month of August.

The "Chocolate Milk Faucet" initiative has become somewhat of an annual tradition, marking its fifth consecutive year. From July 30 to August 31, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., visitors can experience firsthand the pouring of Yotvata's iconic chocolate milk directly from a dedicated faucet. Alongside this distinctive feature, the Inn will also provide an experiential activity complex that includes photo booths and various installations.

Yotvata's Marketing Manager, Karin Lexar, stated that the chocolate milk has been an "iconic product among Israelis since the 1960s. She further highlighted that the annual event has historically attracted approximately 85,000 visitors each year."

Beyond the faucet experience, Yotvata Inn also offers a glimpse into the brand's broader product range. This includes a variety of 100 flavors of ice creams, gelatos, and sorbets made with natural ingredients and without additives. The venue also houses an interactive Dairy Barn simulation, giving visitors an insight into the brand's dairy processing methods.

 The ''Chocolate Milk Faucet'' at the Yotvata Inn (credit: Yotvata)
The ''Chocolate Milk Faucet'' at the Yotvata Inn (credit: Yotvata)

The history of Kibbutz Yotvata

Those familiar with the brand may know that Yotvata's origins trace back to a kibbutz situated amidst the desert landscape. The brand has, over the years, managed to successfully blend nostalgia with product innovation, creating a distinct mark in the market.

Kibbutz Yotvata is located on the Arava road in the southern Negev desert. Yotvata maintains its cooperative community, where most adult residents work on the kibbutz in production, services or education. The revenues are equally distributed among the members regardless of their position, along the idea of each one gives as much as he can and gets as much as he needs.