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Ibuprofen, bezafibrate and caffeine found in Israeli milk

While concentration levels of the substances found in the milk are relatively low, they are still reason for concern, according to a new Israeli study.

A volunteer hugs Nir, a cow fitted with prosthetic leg at "Freedom Farm"

Demand for dairy products skyrockets leading up to Shavuot holiday

Many Jews around the world have the tradition to eat dairy for at least one of the meals on the holiday of Shavuot.


Coffee 101: Choosing the Right Machine For Your Needs

It can be pretty daunting to begin looking for a coffee machine.

Girl drinking milk

Can milk reduce the risk of cancer?

The Israel Cancer Association points to milk as a possible protective agent against cancer.

A billboard in Tel Aviv aims to raise compassion for milk cows.

Vegan campaign puts a damper on dairy ahead of Shavuot

"For decades the dairy industry has brainwashed the public with billion-shekel ad campaigns," says organizer. Report finds Israeli cows are most productive in the world.

Cartons of milk

RX For Readers: Milk and its ilk

Calcium-enriched soy milk and pasteurized goat or sheep milk offer the high nutritional value of real dairy milk.

Des fromages bien français

Du pain, du vin, du fromage...

Si la boulangerie et la viticulture ont beaucoup progressé ces dernières années, le pays où coulent le lait et le miel reste encore à la traîne en matière de fromagerie. Une ola hadasha française a bien l’intention d’apporter son savoir-faire dans ce domaine

Vaches laitières à Yotvata

Yotvata, du lait au milieu du désert

« Osez, persistez, réussissez », avait déclaré David Ben Gourion lors de l’inauguration du kibboutz. Les pionniers ont appliqué le message à la lettre

By Nicole Perez

Tnuva to give animal rights groups NIS 2.7m. for slaughterhouse abuse

The company will also need to contribute NIS 1.5m. worth of food products to an organization that works to combat poverty in Israel.

islamic state

Israeli-Vietnamese commercial milking venture nears completion

The enormous TH Milk facility will be capable of generating 9,300 liters of milk annually.

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