In the middle of the Hillula: Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto prays at the grave of Rabbi Yitzhak Abuhatzeira

  (photo credit: Haim Twitto)
(photo credit: Haim Twitto)

Watch: Rabbi Pinto came in the middle of the night to the grave of Rabbi Yitzhak Abuhatzeira in the city of Toulal, Morocco • Accompanied by his son Rabbi Yoel Pinto, the rabbi prayed for the Jewish people.

In the middle of the Hillula (memorial day): Under heavy security, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto came on Saturday night to visit the grave of Rabbi Yitzhak Abuhatzeira, who is buried in the city of Toulal, Morocco. 

Rabbi Pinto arrived at the grave straight from his home in the Moroccan capital Rabat on a flight to Errachidia, about an hour and a half away from Toulal. Rabbi Pinto was escorted to the grave by a police motorcade.

Thousands of Jews from around the world came to the grave in Toulal over the past day to pray at the tomb of Rabbi Yitzhak, the youngest son of Rabbi Yaakov Abuhatzeira, the author of the Abir Yaakov, the grandfather of the Baba Sali.

  (credit: Haim Twitto) (credit: Haim Twitto)

Accompanied by his son and successor, Rabbi Yoel Pinto, Rabbi Pinto prayed by the grave in Toulal for all the Jewish people and specifically those who study the daily Zohar portion and read the book of Deuteronomy every Shabbat as instructed by Rabbi Pinto.  

Rabbi Yitzhak Abuhatzeira was known for his righteousness and his knowledge of Torah.  He composed one of the famous songs, "Aufa Eshkona". His nephew was the Baba Sali, whose grandson is Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto.

Rabbi Pinto spent Shabbat at his home in Rabat together with hundreds of his students who came from places around the world to be near the Rabbi and participate in his Torah and ethics classes.

This evening, Sunday, at 8:00 PM Israel time, Rabbi Pinto will lead a Tu Bishvat Seder at his home in Rabat. The class will be broadcasted live on social media and select websites.

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