A Hothouse of Torah and Kindness: Shuva Israel’s New Yeshiva in Vienna

  (photo credit: CHAIM COHEN)
(photo credit: CHAIM COHEN)

The Shuva Israel institution’s new yeshiva will be inaugurated within the next few days in Vienna, the capital city of Austria, as announced this morning (Thursday) by the Admor, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto.

Rabbi Pinto has been staying in Vienna as part of his reinforcement campaign among his communities across the world. Last night he already delivered several Torah classes in the city’s central synagogues, with many of his Jewish community members in attendance. He also received a wide audience requesting advice, guidance, and blessings. 

  (credit: CHAIM COHEN) (credit: CHAIM COHEN)

This morning, Rabbi Pinto inaugurated the new study hall, which is under construction in preparation for its occupancy expected in the near future. The study hall will serve as a spiritual centre for all of Vienna’s Jews, and will become a hothouse of Torah and kindness for all Jews.

The new study centre is located on the premises of the hotel owned by a relative of Rabbi Pinto, Eliyahu Cohen, who had informed Rabbi Pinto that Shuva Israel’s newest institution would be situated among the height of elegance and luxury to serve all the city’s Jews, and to the credit of many.

Shuva Israel’s New Yeshiva in Vienna

“Shuva Israel is a way of life that impacts every single Jew. Our spiritual path was handed to us from the Rabbis, starting at Sinai, through to the last of the Righteous of the Generations, and continuing through the Abuhatzeira and Pinto lineages,” said Rabbi Pinto at his central lecture in Vienna. “The way to be redeemed from the difficulties signaling the approach of the messiah, is by separating ourselves from the desolation of this world. Only those who cling to Torah with reverence and kindness will survive this complex period of time. The world is undergoing a change; the Holy One Blessed be He is revaluating and rearranging the world,” added Rabbi Pinto.

Likewise, the Admor emphasised the strength in Jewish unity: “No one has ever benefitted from a dispute. Division destroys everything. Especially now, as we experience so many debates and arguments, is the time to strengthen unity and our connection with the People of Israel.” 

 This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel