Tonight: Thousands will participate in Rabbi Pinto’s traditional bonfire lighting

  (photo credit: Shuva Israel)
(photo credit: Shuva Israel)

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto will land in Israel today and participate in the traditional bonfire lighting in Ashdod. Thousands from all over the country are expected to participate in the event. Rabbi Pinto is expected to deliver an inspirational talk and speak about current events. All the information.

Lag B'Omer: Thousands of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto’s students are awaiting his arrival today (Monday) in Israel to participate in the traditional bonfire lighting on the anniversary of the holy Tanna Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai's passing.

The event will be held with the participation of a huge crowd in the square of the Shuva Israel yeshiva at 34 Shevat Binyamin Street in the city of Ashdod at 20:00, accompanied by singers, paytans and a large orchestra.

  (credit: Shuva Israel) (credit: Shuva Israel)

The mass event will begin with the bonfire lighting by Rabbi Pinto and his successor Rabbi Yoel Moshe Pinto, in memory of the holy Tanna. The event has become a tradition over many years and thousands from all over Israel participate in it.

Afterwards, Rabbi Pinto is expected to deliver an inspirational talk and address current issues of the day.

The traditional hair-cutting ceremony will begin at the end of the bonfire lighting. Hundreds of little children who have reached the age of 3 will have a lock cut off by Rabbi Pinto and his son Rabbi Yoel as has been the custom on Lag B’Omer for hundreds of years.

In recent days, Rabbi Pinto has called to undertake the spiritually protective act of reading a daily amount of the Zohar. Hundreds of thousands from all over the world are expected to finish the Zohar in a combined 10,000 times. The historic event celebrating its completion will take place on the 25th day of Elul - the day of the creation of the world, at Menorah Mivtachim Hall in Tel Aviv.

To join the masses who are reading the daily Zohar, go to Limudzohar>>

This article was written in cooperation with Shuva Israel